Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Something Wicked This Way Comes Bracelet - a Zoom Class, presented by Beads to Live By


Isn't this just the prettiest of pretties? It's a bracelet that has an awful lot going for it: the focal is from Kevin O'Grady from the good old days of  the now defunct Bead and Button Show. From 8 years ago, to be exact.  How do I know? This incredible artist puts a wee maker's mark inside all his creations with a date. See?

The focals I purchased from him at that time have been called my Precioussss ever since. I hoarded them. I held them up to the light many a time and got lost in their small universe. 

He made them to be pendants, I knew I had some other plans for them. 

It took me a while. As you can see, the better part of a decade.

These pendants/focals all have a translucent cobalt blue backing. When you hold the glass up to the light, the light shines through this deep water like blue, illuminating all the colors that are on top of it with a beautiful deep blue hue.  The little maker's mark is white, and where it is, the blue shows more when you look at the focal's front.

Given that glass thingies need light to shine through them to truly come alive, to better display their ethereal beauty; this design has a window on the back. So when you aren't wearing the bracelet, you can lift it up to the sun and go ooh and aaah.

Here, the sun is setting and the light levels are low, and yet that mysterious blue glows!

What makes this design special, beyond the focal? Pretty beads in autumnal, rich hues combined with freshwater pearls, Anna Bronze components and  a Green Girl Studios frog button. There is also frog skin in teal to add lumpy, bumpy texture to the front. On the back there is a lumpy bumpy  magenta lambskin.  It's a lush composition for sure.

You might have guessed that the focals I have are going to be all different, and you are right!  Here are some to tempt you with. 

Now that I have your full attention, let me tell you about the class: It's organized by Beads to Live By.

The class will take place on November 19th, which is a Saturday. It will be 5 hours of beading plus 1 hour break for lunch, and it will be followed by an optional trunk show. 

Registration for class will start on October 8th, Saturday at 10:00 am Eastern Time. (Not Mountain Time this time, Lovelies. I live in Colorado and I tend to tell you things in my own time zone. This class is being hosted from Michigan, so make sure you figure out what time 10:00 am Eastern time is for you.)

There are going to be 15 spots available in class at the time of the registration. This is limited by the exact number of focals I have. The class fee is $85, and you will pay this at the time of registration to Beads to Live By. Then, I will invoice you for the kit. The kit for this class is $200. This is due shortly after you register.

Your kit will ship before October is over. Due to the timeline challenges, this class is for US beaders as I can't guarantee timely delivery to my lovely international beaders at this time. Sorry about that.

 At the time of registration, you will pick your own focal.   Beads To Live By is going to have pictures of all of them listed on their website. 

  Beyond seeing them all together like this, there will be  separate images showing each individually. They all are a miniature marvel on their own.

I realize this is a very small class and since it's a one off, there will be unhappy peeps missing out no matter what I do. It's the nature of working with highly limited, one of a kind, expensive materials. I have treasured them long enough, I thought it was time to let them out into the world. This class was the best way to do that, small it may be. 

Hope to see you in class!

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