Friday, May 27, 2022

Inspiration Box Changes. Good? Bad? Who knows.

 This summer's box is volume 23. As these boxes happen quarterly, that's a mighty number, Y'all.

A lot has changed in the last almost 6 years. When I first made these, beady boxes were not a thing. For a while my boxes were super hot. Then, despite the fact that there was no inspiration box of beads before Kinga's Inspiration Box, they were suddenly everywhere. I really wish the competition would have used their own name for their own product instead of generalizing the name I came up for my baby, but hey. So does Q-Tip and Zipper and Xerox. I am in good company.I just wish the people who jumped on the band wagon would have had the originality to call their goodies something other than Inspiration Box... I also realize that I did not invent curated boxes, I just introduced them to my customers my way.

 So am I butthurt that they no longer sell like hot cake? Nope. Life is such.

It's just that I can't keep on investing thousands of dollars into supplies and shipping materials for them and hope they sell and then store them in my tiny room of a studio until they sell at a loss. It's not a good business plan. 

I am not upset with anyone who no longer buys them or only gets one once in a while. I am very grateful if they ever bought any or ever plan on getting any. It's just a matter of having to pay rent and such. If these things go on sale, it's a sure indicator that things are not going well for them. And they have been going on sale for a while. So now what?

Should I stand here shake my fists and complain about the beadiverse being unfair and unjust? Hell no. I am going to make one quarter of what I used to make. Sure I don't get the same deals on buying in quantity and Etsy raised their fees too, and so did  all my suppliers. So starting with the Fall Inspiration Box, (Not Summer, not this issue yet), the price goes up 10%.

Unless you subscribe.  Because now that is an option.:

You can subscribe for an entire year, and your price for this year stays the same old price, and it already includes shipping at $7, which is a flat rate, lower than what you would pay for it if you bought it individually. 

 So exactly what are the benefits of  subscribing for a year vs. buying them individually?

- You will not be effected by the $10 price increase that will take effect with the Fall edition of the box

-Your order ships before the remainder of the boxes are made available to the general  public

-You will never miss getting one. I am cutting down on producing these and there will be a lot less available than before. Chances are that they sell out if you miss them.

-You will get a special, additional item just for subscribers with every edition. I will only include things that I would personally use.

-As a thank you for your commitment to keeping this Inspiration Box effort afloat, you will get a felted pouch filled with 5 eyes from Nixcreations, 1 cabochon from my stash( varying types, but their value is between $30 and $80 each) and a Ruzanna Carter polymer clay focal. These gift wills arrive with your first box, which will be the Summer box, as shown on the pictures. It is ready to ship at the time of your purchase. For Fall, your special gift will be a pack of leather cuts, irregular sizes that would be good for smaller projects. I am not sure of Winter yet, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

                        This is what's inside the pouch. Stones vary from pouch to pouch.

                            This picture shows the variety of pouches I have in my stash.

-Your shipping price is already included in the total purchase price, so if shipping costs more, you are not charged extra. Your cost is $100 per box, $7 for shipping consistently, totaling $428.
Here is another picture to get your creative juices flowing about the new Summer Box. So let's see what is in this Summer box, shall we?

This is what it looks like on the outside. Matte silver envelope is what you should be looking for in your mail box.

                                                      Steampunk fishie on the outside....
                                                       Underwater magic on the inside.

   Sammy Dog and on a post card with a message covering the beads inside your box....

Beautiful Galaxy Cabs from Melody Cross, a leaf/heart shaped polymer clay focal from Ruzanna Carter, two pretty fishies from Anna Bronze: one a focal, one a clasp. Butterfly embroidery patch, lots of little embroidery flowers, a tye dye silk cord, three eyes from Nixcreations. ( These are assorted, your will be different from what you see on the pictures.) Czech shaped beads. ( Spiky buttons, Crescents, Teacups, Gingko leaves)

Two tubes (15 gram tubes) beads. The 11 mix is called Deep Sea and the 15 mix is Spring Meadow. The lever back earring findings are rhodium plated copper with CZ.  There is a stretchy fabric enough for covering a bracelet and a leather enough for a bracelet too. As the leather varies, I don't have that on this picture. 

Since I am not trying to sell hundreds of this box anymore and I have to consider not only how much money I invest in materials but how much time I spend on this project too, I am no longer offering an Inspiration Piece to go along the box. So you are on your own as to what you want to do with the beads.

After careful consideration I will keep the Facebook group dedicated to the effort open, and will keep the challenges going - for now too. I will have to restructure how many prizes are given out and at what value. That has to be in line with the decreasing sales unfortunately too.

For those of you who are reading this and are saddened: I am sad too.  I wish I could just keep on making these in huge volumes and hope they sell, just so they are there when you feel like getting one randomly. But if you like me making a living on what I love to do  which is dreaming up new bead embroidery projects for you, you will understand that I did not throw in the towel easy. I gave it 2 years before making these changes.

Also, if you don't subscribe, you can still snag one. The Summer Box for non subscribers will go on sale on June 1st at 9:00am Mountain Time. And to give you a reason to line up and get them ASAP, the first 20 people purchasing them will receive a special gift too: 3 assorted Nixcreations eyes. 

As always; thank you for your kindness, generosity and continued support. Cheers!


Friday, May 20, 2022

Summertime and the livin' is easy

 Ella Fitzgerald singing Summertime was what I was thinking about while working on this project.

Languid , languorous hot afternoon in the shade with minty drinks and bright sunshine. Bright good things happening, peace, mellow goodness.  Melty, ice creamy, hopeful, soothing.

The focals are  a Burmese Jade Buddha and a #POSTSWAROVSKI #NOTHANKYOUBRILLIANCE Chinese crystal.  The light area directly surrounding the wee Buddha is paved with the world's smallest Ethiopian opal chips. They have a mellow, unassuming look initially, then they light up. Itty bitty they are, but they also have nice fire.  

The leather used in the project is the softest lambskin in undulating, geometric optical illusion like print. It's a vintage leather and I only had enough of it for these kits. The are used on the two ends of the bracelet and the back too.

The toggle clasp is a beautiful whitewashed Anna Bronze flower shaped clasp. The swirly bits are memory thread that is no longer produced, but I had enough of it to make up these kits. There is hot pink and iridescent unicorn color to make this bracelet even more fabulous.

There are beautiful freshwater pearls, very small, minty green ones on the sides of the bracelet hugged by pink and metallic mint seed beads. Beautiful Czech milky opalescent leaves counterbalance the shining pink crystal in the center. The composition is light and lively.
Here is a strange view of my enjoying just the kind of summer afternoon the bracelet made me think of.
                                                    This is what it looks like being worn.

Look at that pretty minty green leather with the floating metallic orbs. I knew  it when I saw it that I wanted to use it in a special project.
Pretty from every angle. It's important that a finished piece of jewelry is as attractive from the back as it is from the front.
While the center portion is pretty wide, the fit is very ergonomic. I think this bracelet would be just fine on a small wrist too.
If you feel tempted, come and get one of these beauties while I have them, right here:

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Looking for an adventure? Look no further! Come to Barcelona with me in 2023


What are you doing next April and May? To be exact, between April 27 and May 11th? Not sure? Well, you know, it just so happens that I will be going to Barcelona. On a Beadventure. Which is a bead adventure, as you might have guessed. There will be sightseeing, eating, letting our hair down and beading too! Want to know more about the shenanigans we will be up to?  Here is the link to the event:
This is a great opportunity to travel to an amazing place you always wanted to see. I am just the icing on the trip's cake. I am some mighty fine icing, I might add; but I have no illusions: you definitely want to go to Barcelona and eat the entire cake of the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Montjuic- maybe don't eat the Caganer- but still, the cake analogy is pretty good.

And between all the fun adventures we are going to have, this is the piece we will be working on: Al-Andalus. Rich in texture and materials, it's fit for a queen. Named after the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim rule in the Middle Ages, its rich, azure hue is of  lapis lazuli, which is used throughout the project and it is combined with 24k gold plate metal components and beads, freshwater pearls and beautiful silk and leather.
There is an itty-bitty bracelet that goes with the statement necklace, a tiny "free with the purchase of" project of a sort. Very simple, but visually interesting because the medallion in the round component's center moves around, a bit like the hand on a clock, and it looks quite different depending on how the leather strap that's holding it in place is oriented.
Well, if you don't have anything scheduled for next spring and Barcelona is a place you always wanted to explore, this is your chance to do it with me and my beads. It will be great fun.

                                        Check out all the details of itinerary and sign up here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Mimi the Sacred Monster Zoom Class on June 24th and 25th

What smells like Opium, eats men and children and is a honeyed, glorious monster of biblical proportions? It's Mimi.

Part 70s conversation pit complete with velvet armchairs and shag rug; part cigarette smoke mixed with perfume, part glamour- all blonde and blue eyed; part insect with pincers looking for tender flash and honey- wrapped in one fearsome package , that is Mimi. 

Mimi is like a yokai that will happily hunt you if you give into her great and secret powers.

Tempted? Intrigued? You know you wannu. Come join me either on June 24th or June 25th to make your own Mimi.

 You will be delighted by the array of lovely materials: gold plate copper components, #POSTSWAROVSKI crystals of the Chinowski persuasion, Carnelian creepy eye focal, Japanese seed beads, silk cord, Anna Bronze closure, freshwater pearls,  silk velvet and the prettiest leather come together in a pretty package. 

Not sure if this will fit you? It can be made smaller or larger than my sample.

Here is the link to the Etsy store to purchase the class:

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

11th Book Club meeting, taking place on May 11th- Edited: Book club moving to the 12th, same time

 Come join me and my Book Club Buds on May 11th at 10:00 am, mountain time, while we discuss Haruki Murakami's  Kafka on the Shore.

There is still plenty of time to read the book. Not your cup of tea? No problem. We love books, but the book club is also an excuse to hang out and bead/knit/whatever in good company. Join us even if you have not read the book.

Here is the zoom log in info:

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Topic: 11th Book Club Meeting on May 12th
Time: May 11, 2022 10:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Monday, February 28, 2022

Spring 2022 Inspiration Box coming to Etsy on March 1st at 8:00 am mountain time

It's time for the next inspiration box! Spring is (almost) here, so is volume 22 of Kinga's Inspiration Box. Here in Colorado we are in the process of thawing. For now. Further winter mayhem may ensue up till May.

This time around once you order your box, you can expect a candy pink shiny metallic envelope showing up in your mail box. When you open it, Your goods will be covered in  tissue paper depicting delicious, sweet sprinkles. Jimmies. All the jimmies all the time. 

There will be a peace of pink holographic lambskin and a metallic rainbow holographic lambskin included. Each will be big enough for at least a bracelet.

The note you will be getting comes from Nancy's desk this time. Inside the box a picture of macarons will hint at the sweetness contained within.
                The outside of the box is equally tempting with frosting and.... More jimmies!

What is inside? Not candy. Don't eat anything even if it looks like candy. Because there will be candy looking bits for sure. Everyone will get a random assortment of kawaii plastic sweets. There will be metal beads reminiscent of candy in purple and green. A tube of size 11 seed beads, two tubes of size 15 hexes in candy orange and green... Tulip petals, rizos, two colors of 2 hole cabochons, two colors of teacup beads. (Note that a few of you will receive demi rounds instead of green 2 hole cabochons, but everyone will get hot pink metallic 2hole cabochons.)  There will be a small tube of 2mm Chinese bicones with Czech sliperit finish, And, my favorite parts, the Tucson treasures: a beautiful 24k gold plate filigree focal, a set of tiny silver or green druzy quartz cabs (not pictured) and three pieces of gorgeous Peruvian pink opals in teardrop shapes. On the pictures they don't look like much, but they are quite exquisite.

It has been a very busy month here with lots of virtual classes, so my time to create something to tempt you with as an inspiration piece was limited. VERY limited.  I opted for something with strong curb appeal, a simple but very eye catching bracelet.
The gold plate focal is glued and stitched into the center of the simple bracelet. It's then surrounded with two stacked rows of backstitch. The purple metal beads are in your kit for this. The gold size 11s were from my own stash. My piece of leather was the pink to yellow part of the rainbow. Yours might be pink to blue or blue to yellow. They would all make a similarly lovely bracelet. Do note that you don't get to pick what color is included because all the boxes have been packed and are ready to go, fully wrapped. But know that all the variations are equally beautiful. 

       Besides using my own size 11 gold beads, I also used my own Anna Bronze clasp.

         The back of the bracelet has the pink holographic leather that everyone is getting.

       Here is how this simple little piece fits. It's so unabashedly cheerful and joyous, it makes me smile l looking at it now; as I still have it on while I am typing.

 Today is February 28th. The box will go on sale tomorrow morning, March 1st at 8:00 am, mountain time, here, in my Etsy store. The reason why it's not there yet when you click on the link, is because it's not 8:00 on March 1st yet. It will be there.  Set your alarm. :) 

As usual, the kit will be $100 plus shipping, plus sales tax. Please note that Etsy does charge tax now, and your sales tax goes directly to Etsy and they pass it onto your state, not me.  Thank you for your continued support!

Ps: if you have read this far and you are wondering what the next challenge will be for the Facebook Inspiration Box Group, I will tell you now: It will be using the gold plate focal. Easy peasy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Our 10th book club meeting will take place on March 24th

 Hello Lovely book club peeps. Looking forward to seeing you on March 24th at 10:00 am mountain time. We will be discussing life, good times and bad times, and Patrick Suskind's Perfume: The story of a murderer. 

Bring your bakes goods, mimosas, knitting, beads or just yourself. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kinga Nichols is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 10th book club meeting with Kinga, reading Patrick Suskind's Perfume
Time: Mar 24, 2022 10:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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