Thursday, December 1, 2022

Kinga's Inspiration Box, Winter 2022, Volume 25 is now live! The moths got it!


They have landed! They had a long way to fly, but the moths have unionized and arranged themselves in a most tempting fashion inside the pretty boxes. The better to tempt you with, this holiday season. Maybe you have expected some jingle bells or red nosed reindeer? Naaah. This is our 25th season. Gotta keep things exciting. 

And what could be more exciting then moths? When I was wondering what theme to pick this time, the answer was right in front of me. ( Above my left wrist, to be exact.) 

The box will be shipped in a deceptively light champagne pink bubble envelope this time. Not shown here. But when you open it, you will see star spangled darkness. And the pretty black box showing this sweet fuzzyboi's bestest tummy.
Look at all of them together. So pretty in black and white.An army of sweet fuzzy wuzzies.

Then, peek-a-boo! You open the box, and there is what appears to be a sweet mothfie. A moth selfie.
And a card, with Nancy. Our friend, Nikia Angel gifted Nancy these fine wings. Sure they are angel wings originally, but Nancy used them to be a mothpug.

She really rocked the look. And the wings were comfy enough that she wore them quite a while after her photo shoot.

 Inside the moth eaten box you have a scary pewter moth, 2 enameled pretty and colorful moth pins and a sweet, pewter Green Girl Studios fairy( or is she a moth woman????)  in your box to establish the moth eaten nature of the offerings here. 
There is a beautiful color changing set of Melody Cross' Galaxy Cabs, Greek ceramic bead mix in speckled turquoise and copper, a mix of etched glass daggers, 2mm AB topaz crystals, fancy stones ( all from our friends at the People's Republic, because #FUCKOVSKI.) 
There are hematite and gunmetal seed beads, shaped Czech beads ( you will either get tiny silver mushrooms OR metallic teacups, plus everyone gets gunmetal crescents.)
There are Czech buttons too. These will vary in color.
Besides the pretties on these pictures, you will also get two pieces of stretch velvet. One crushed royal purple, and one red patterned. And a piece of metallic lambskin that will be enough for backing at least one bracelet.

Shall you decide that this is the time for you to subscribe for a whole year, which means 4 issues, starting with this winter, you will also get a pretty felted pouch. A grey one with flowers this time, and inside you will find a beautiful face focal from the Face of Time. Here is where you purchase a subscription:

The benefits of purchasing the box as an annual subscription are:
-shipping is included at a flat rate of $7 at the time of your purchase, unlike one at a time purchases, this is not subject to fluctuation depending on package's weight
-you get one of the  felted pouches shown when you subscribe alongside your first box. Your pouch contains one face focal from fellow Etsy artist
-after your first box, you will get a smaller extra item with each box during your active subscription.
-you never have to worry about missing a box. I am making fewer of them than in the past, and they sell out quicker. Pay once, and you don't have to chase the next issues, they will be shipped via first class USPS  before the rest of them become available to non subscribers.
-if you are ordering from outside of the US, your shipping will cost more than the price of this subscription which is 4x $110 for the box plus 4x$7 for the shipping equaling $468. The difference will be separately billed.
- you don't have to worry about your crazy expensive subscription automatically renewing next year in case you forget about it: it's just me packing and shipping these, and once your last paid for box is shipped, I will contact you if you would like to extend your subscription. I don't take you for granted and at that point you will get the special dibs new subscribers get too if you decide on another year. 

In case you haven't been buying my boxes for a while, and you are surprised by the changes, regarding the subscription option and such, read this. THIS.


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

VBDR 2023 Additional Colorway Reveal!

 Have you signed up for the Virtual Beaders Dream Retreat for 2023? I hope so! If not, I think we might have room for a few more people during the second weekend. Sign up here. 

My project for this event is called the Carolingian. It's a pretty large necklace, a true statement piece. You can still wear it with your jeans and party with your kitties/puppies while wearing this necklace, but it's a fancy schmancy knockout of a necklace.

And as such, this will take time to complete. It is however well worth the time and love invested.Just be ready for taking your time with it and don't expect to get too far in class. I will have some video bits besides the regular instructions to aid you in your lengthy beady journey.

Before I show you the pretties, let me make sure I emphasize the following as much as I can:


Initially I was going to name the different colorways after different rulers of the Carolingian dynasty, but chances are you won't find  Charles Martel and Pippin the Short the most attractive names for a necklace your will be working on for a long time, so instead they are named after places that may or may certainly not have anything to do with the Carolingian dynasty. 

                                       The original colorway shall be known as Burgundy.

                                                              Here is what it looks like on.

 In case your computer screen lies a lot, this colorway is green and purple.The three dimensional leather flower in the center is metallic stingray print lambskin. This colorway might be called Burgundy, but that's after Burgundy in France it's named after, not the wine color. This piece is thoroughly purple. This colorway is going to be $165.

The next colorway is called Paris. The overall feel is silver, fuchsia and black. The leather flower in its center is a fur on lambskin that's black and fuchsia. This would be loved by people who are fond of flamingos, pink martinis and who aren't shy.


It pairs well with black. I threw on a simple black turtle neck dress with it and some hot pink lipstick and grew magical dark sexy curls. This colorway will set you back $135.

The third colorway is called Florence. Olive/green embossed leather flower in its center is combined with mellow sagey tones and  volcano stone.

It's a sweet and mellow combo. I could not help but pair it with some incarnadine tones to show its best side.

My magical locks came in pastel pink and beach wavy to showcase this version's romantic beauty.This kit is going to cost $165.

Last but not least, I give you Santa Fe. The center flower portion of this version sports silver crocodile embossed leather. This works beautifully with the bright turquoise and the bright red. Yes. There is nothing subtle about this one. It is glorious in its virulent coruscating vivacity. 

 I decided to pair this with a simple but elegant navy dress and sprouted beautiful, long blonde locks for it.

                                               The Santa Fe colorway kits will be $155.


  Just a little bit more info in general about this project: the backing on all these necklaces will be velvet. Soft, plushy, comfy and easy to work with. The pewter center piece ( in the center of the flower) is Cynthia Thornton's work of Green Girl Studios. The shinies are Chinowski, because #FUCKSWAROVSKI and the horse they rode in on. Depending on the colorway, some colorways feature galaxy cabs by Melody Cross, some have Chinovsky cabs. All but the Paris colorway have genuine silk covered cords, Paris has velvet. 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Something Wicked This Way Comes -on a budget. :) Zoom class with Beads to Live By on November 18th

 Many of you Lovelies missed out on the original version of this design . Understandably so, as the class offered was very small, limited by the number of my original focals I had in my stash.

Eager to please, I have re-created the design with minor adjustments: The Kevin O'Grady pendant/focal is replaced here by a glowing resin cabochon made by me.  

The glowing resin focal idea and method originates with Gail Crosman Moore. It is with her permission I make these cabochons, with the understanding that the process remains Gail's intellectual property. You can purchase her own glowing resin cabochons right here:

Gail and I taught a joined set of classes at Beads By Blanche in 2018, where participants learned the resin process with her, and the next day we used the resin in our designs in my class.  If you like the resin focal I made for this design, I strongly encourage you to take classes with Gail and purchase some of her work on her website

This is what my glowing resin cabochons you will get one of in your kit look like. The first picture depicts them at one angle. The next picture is of the same focals from a different angle. They shift color with the change of light.  

This is what they look like in a studio setting:

Since these are all very similar although being hand made makes them just a tiny bit different  from one another, you don't have to pick a focal when you sign up for this zoom class with Beads to Live By. You will get one of these pretties randomly.

So what a the differences in how this will look from the original? Will it go with the design?

Size-wise, the new focal is about the same size as my original sample. Besides the focals being different in the two versions of Something Wicked This Way Comes, there is one more difference in materials: The original design featured some Anna Bronze components around the focal.  The new version does not have these. In place of these I used some glowing mermaid beads.

Above: two samples of the original, one of the new version. 

I hope these images convinced you that you might NEED TO TAKE THIS CLASS. Not that I am enabling you, or any such, but there is a good chance you might WANT THIS BADLY. DON'T YOU?

So what do you need to do to get into this class?

Beads to Live By is our hostess with the mostest. I know that you will click on that link and get upset that the class is already sold out. It is not. It's just not working yet, because.... *insert drumroll*

.....The registration will begin at 10:00 am Eastern Time this Saturday morning, on the 15th of October, that is. Until then, the listing appears to be sold out. 

The class will take place on November 18th, which is a Friday. It will be 5 hours of beading plus 1 hour break for lunch, and it will be followed by an optional trunk show. 

So what do you really need to do? I have a checklist for you:

-Set your alarm to sign up at 10:00 am Eastern Time at Beads to Live By  Reminder: Eastern Time, Folks. I tend to post things in Mountain Time because I live in Colorado. Our host is located in Michigan, so I am reminding you of this, in case you skimmed over the time zone part.

-When you register, you pay Beads to Live by for the class fee which is $85. Within a week of registration, you will also be invoiced for the mandatory kit. You will get this second invoice from me, the frog at Crimson Frog, Kinga. 

- Your kit will ship by October 25th.   This kit is $115. (The original version with the collectible focal was $200. )

-On November 18th at 10:00 am, Eastern time we shall commune in festive harmony, making this prettiest of pretties. Looking forward to seeing You!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Something Wicked This Way Comes Bracelet - a Zoom Class, presented by Beads to Live By


Isn't this just the prettiest of pretties? It's a bracelet that has an awful lot going for it: the focal is from Kevin O'Grady from the good old days of  the now defunct Bead and Button Show. From 8 years ago, to be exact.  How do I know? This incredible artist puts a wee maker's mark inside all his creations with a date. See?

The focals I purchased from him at that time have been called my Precioussss ever since. I hoarded them. I held them up to the light many a time and got lost in their small universe. 

He made them to be pendants, I knew I had some other plans for them. 

It took me a while. As you can see, the better part of a decade.

These pendants/focals all have a translucent cobalt blue backing. When you hold the glass up to the light, the light shines through this deep water like blue, illuminating all the colors that are on top of it with a beautiful deep blue hue.  The little maker's mark is white, and where it is, the blue shows more when you look at the focal's front.

Given that glass thingies need light to shine through them to truly come alive, to better display their ethereal beauty; this design has a window on the back. So when you aren't wearing the bracelet, you can lift it up to the sun and go ooh and aaah.

Here, the sun is setting and the light levels are low, and yet that mysterious blue glows!

What makes this design special, beyond the focal? Pretty beads in autumnal, rich hues combined with freshwater pearls, Anna Bronze components and  a Green Girl Studios frog button. There is also frog skin in teal to add lumpy, bumpy texture to the front. On the back there is a lumpy bumpy  magenta lambskin.  It's a lush composition for sure.

You might have guessed that the focals I have are going to be all different, and you are right!  Here are some to tempt you with. 

Now that I have your full attention, let me tell you about the class: It's organized by Beads to Live By.

The class will take place on November 19th, which is a Saturday. It will be 5 hours of beading plus 1 hour break for lunch, and it will be followed by an optional trunk show. 

Registration for class will start on October 8th, Saturday at 10:00 am Eastern Time. (Not Mountain Time this time, Lovelies. I live in Colorado and I tend to tell you things in my own time zone. This class is being hosted from Michigan, so make sure you figure out what time 10:00 am Eastern time is for you.)

There are going to be 15 spots available in class at the time of the registration. This is limited by the exact number of focals I have. The class fee is $85, and you will pay this at the time of registration to Beads to Live By. Then, I will invoice you for the kit. The kit for this class is $200. This is due shortly after you register.

Your kit will ship before October is over. Due to the timeline challenges, this class is for US beaders as I can't guarantee timely delivery to my lovely international beaders at this time. Sorry about that.

 At the time of registration, you will pick your own focal.   Beads To Live By is going to have pictures of all of them listed on their website. 

  Beyond seeing them all together like this, there will be  separate images showing each individually. They all are a miniature marvel on their own.

I realize this is a very small class and since it's a one off, there will be unhappy peeps missing out no matter what I do. It's the nature of working with highly limited, one of a kind, expensive materials. I have treasured them long enough, I thought it was time to let them out into the world. This class was the best way to do that, small it may be. 

Hope to see you in class!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Fall 2022 Inspiration Box Updates

 Here it is! The new issue of my inspiration box. If you have subscribed for a year with the last issue, yours is already on its way. Thank you for your support. 

Not sure about the changes happening with the box?  I wrote a post about the changes regarding the inspiration box, you can read the post here. 

Would you like me to summarize the changes for you without having to read the whole article? Here we go:

1. The way Kinga's Inspiration Boxes are distributed needed to be changed because of dwindling sales. There are fewer boxes produced now, they are not ever going to be marked down, and most of them are going to go to  new annual subscribers.The total number of boxes produced is far fewer than before. Some will still be available to be purchased one at a time after the annual subscribers orders are shipped. As to how many, that is determined by the demand.

2. With the last issue, I offered a limited amount of annual subscriptions to peeps and sold out of the rest really quick.

3. I am opening up new subscriptions with each issue in limited quantities. Hence, I have spots for a limited number of subscribers this time. Those of you who contacted me regarding wanting to become and annual subscriber get first dibs.

4. The price of all the inspiration boxes are going up 10% with this issue. They have been the same price for 5 years. Because of increasing costs of supplies and Etsy's fees increasing as well, moving forward all boxes are $110.

5. If you choose to subscribe at this time, your shipping is a flat rate of $7. ( Most of the time if you buy one box, the shipping may be more because depending on the weight of the box. In the past, some have been much heavier than others. It all depends what's in there. For example: metal seed beads weigh a LOT more than their regular glass counterpart per tube. Your payment for one year's subscription for US customers is 4x$110 plus 4x$7 which equals $468. Are you outside the US? Due to shipping costing more your cost will be higher, depending on where you live.


This issue is fox themed. Here are some pictures of what to expect. The cover photo is of a pretty red fox.

The color coordinated contents feature a tube of foxy mix, mixed by me. These are size 15 beads. There is a tube of beautiful permanent orange 12/0 one cuts, a white opalescent size 11 tube, more 11s,2-hole rosetta cabochons that look like succulents. There are daggers, teacups or drops ( this will vary, most of you will receive teacups, some will get beautiful magatamas).

There are etched daggers ( these vary in color), a foxy embroidery patch, a beautiful button in the shape of a fox's head from green girl studios. Chinese fancy stones, because #FUCKOVSKI. 

There will be a pretty pewter mushroom charm, a Czech button, Czech flowers, (2 kinds) and beautiful Czech table cut ovals with an AB finish. I realize you can't see all this on the pictures and that's by design. After showing everything in great detail all the time and things not selling in the past, I have come to realize that some things when you are getting a box of beautiful presents to yourself - are best left to be surprises.
Even the tissue paper is woodland animal patterned with pretty foxes and owls and such.
 A bird's eye view of the process of packing the boxes. Besides what you see inside, there are three pieces of fabric in foxy colors too to go with the beads.

The card that you are getting with this edition shows another fox, one I met a few times during this past summer. And the inside of the box has more foxes.  

With every issue subscribers get a special item. For those who subscribed last time, with summer 22 being their first box, they are getting a small piece of leather. Nothing as big as the nice swag they got when they signed up, but the special extra item changes with every issue. For winter, all subscribers at that point who subscribed either summer or fall will get a pretty cabochon as their extra item.

For new subscribers this time, Fall 22, you will get a felted purse with 2 teardrop shaped K2 Jasper cabs tucked within.These items will be shipped with your first box.

These are the wee felted purses I have in my stash this time, new subscribers. One like this is what you should be looking for in your first box.

For those of you who just want to purchase boxes one at a time, whenever the theme or colors appeal to you, I will have a limited quantity available early October. October 5th to be exact, at 9:00 am mountain time.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Big announcement!

 If we know each other, you might have heard about my intentions of writing a beady book. I have been talking about it for at least four years now. I have had the the outline for it for a while too. The real problem is that I simply can't take months off to finish it. Work gets in the way. The book is a labor of love but love doesn't pay the bills. 

And so the book has been on the back burner for a while. It's such a lovely concept: each chapter focuses on a set of techniques creating a method to get a certain look. It's a method book. I always said the way I would like the book to feel and look like is the sort of cookbook that you sit on the couch with to get inspired and then raid your fridge and pantry to make something you did not think you even could, but the book made it possible.

 Each method has its own chapter, and I'd explain through examples how to achieve that certain look. And you, beady friend could look in your stash and cook up whatever I am talking about instead of having to purchase very specific beads. It's not a project based approach, it's an idea/method based approach to empower you to work with what you already have. Work your stash Baby, and get happy!

Well, like I said it's not as if the end to the process is around the corner. So far the only thing I have done with one of the chapters is to teach it to exactly 5 people who won a chance at this one time preview class and also won all sorts of fancy supplies - by donating to my fundraiser to support the ACLU. That was almost 2 years ago. I asked them for secrecy, so the "method" would remain under cover.

As I am not sure how and when the book will physically manifest itself, it is time to do something with at least the one concept the fundraiser class focused on. That's how a master class came to mind. Honoring the initial idea for the book and keeping it BYOB, ( bring your own beads), this is quite a different concept from anything else I have ever taught.

While I have not worked out the details for every aspect of the master class in question, here are the things you should know if you are interested:

-This online master class is going to be taking place in the winter.

-The master class is going to be broken down into weekly segments. There will be pre-recorded parts, and you will have access to them after the class too. There will be live -interaction parts too making it worthwhile to attend, even though you would have access to the recordings too.

-There will be 5-7 weeks worth of classes, allowing you to work on your project and get plenty of feedback.

-Months before the class I will email you to suggest materials you might want to bring. Like I said, this is mostly a BYOB affair. You could work from your entire stash, but I would love to give you ideas for what I would focus on, so you do have just the right things in front of you when you start. I would also make recommendations for specialty items. Let's say you are smitten with the opals in my samples? I will make sure you know where they came from. I obviously don't have a never ending supply list for materials, and the different samples through which I will demonstrate the guiding principles of the "Stepping Stone" method feature many one of a kind items, but like I said: this process is not about you buying the same things you see on these pictures and making a replica of any of these pieces. It's mostly about getting you to  create your own beautiful necklaces and bracelets guided by the principles I will explain in great detail.

-Did I say necklaces and bracelets? Yes, both, I will separately focus in different segments on each.

-But what if you really really want a kit? Well, I will possibly be able to accommodate orders for partial kits. You could buy your sterling opals from the Mother of Opals and I could make up a partial kit for something similar to this.

This is one example of the Stepping Stone Method.


 Here is another necklace. Shipwreck. Shipwreck has sea porcelain focals, so she is purely one of a kind. Unlike the opal one above, if you wanted to make things similar to this, you would be a lot more have to get creative with your materials.

                                           This is me wearing shipwreck, back in 2020. 

Let's just tempt you with some bracelets too: Here are Stepping Stone bracelets from my stash. I have more. As time goes on, I will post pictures of more to make this master class business more irresistible.

I realize my tastes tend toward the bougie, decadent and opulent when it comes to focals. I will have samples featuring more attainable and equally gorgeous budget friendly options. But for now, contemplate these droolworthy treasures.


Today is August 22nd. I will have more information about this master class in about a month. Please look for it on Facebook and here, in a blog update. It would help me a lot in planning if you could let me know if you are interested in participating, of course this does not mean that you would have to sign up. I am only looking for interest at this point. You could either comment on Facebook when I post about the master class, or email me at