Monday, June 20, 2011

The wind of change is blowing over us

Yes, there will be many changes Dear Reader.
I decided to rebrand. The White Rabbit thing was never me, truly, deep down I am, but a frog.All my life I was in love with frogs, toads and toadstools of course, had pet frogs, Mr Purple and Baby Crimson, and had a semi successful mural painting gig under the name of Crimson Frog. I even had an Etsy account set up years ago under that name, and then I decided that for the jewelry thing I was going to change my name to White Rabbit, like in Alice in Wonderland. Well, there isn't much fluffy and cuddly about frogs. They have wonderful qualities on their own, and the frog really wanted out.
So I gave in.
I redid my Etsy store.
Now You'll find me under Crimsonfrog .
And , I am on Facebook too.
Come and Like me there please, I get a bit lonely and I am not very good at using FB yet.

As soon as I have cast off my faux fur, good thing started to happen. I sold a bracelet, got an order for a second one, then I got a really big order for 3 of my best, most treasured necklaces.
I will miss them, but they are going to a very good home to make a wonderful lady happy:))

Here is a pictural homage to the pieces that found a new home through my new froggish site....

And of course, so no one can accuse me of too much professionalism, I must include at least one picture just for the sake of pure adorability.
Yes. That's the furdaughter caught sleeping like a human child.

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  1. Congradulations on changing back to the Crimson Frog and it bringing good things your way. Those are beautiful pieces and I'm sure they will be well loved. I will be liking you on facebook. Oh and that is a good shot of the deer in the headlights look on your furdaughter. LOL!


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