Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The rings of power!

The Robotic Rose

Aztec Sun
Far right: The Galaxy is on Orion's Belt

Far right: Darkness Falls on the Pine trees
And more of "The Galaxy is on Orion's Belt"

This is what I have been working on. And a few other things, you'll see all of it soon.
Sammy's hardcore fans might be disappointed that I have been unable to get the divine canine to model these little gems, but please bear in mind that the lady got slightly webbed paws.

Anyhow, as you see, Yours Truly has been busy with making new things, and if I was only as industrious at taking pictures and listing the goodies as I am at making them, I would be in less trouble right now.

See, my computer had enough of the abuse I have subjected it to, and decided that bail on me for good. So I am stuck with having to hijack the "man computer" of Paul which has a broken mouse and a keyboard that only has half of the keys operating properly.

Well, what can I say, life goes on.

Some of you will be very happy to know that Sammy has fully recuperated from her anal gland ailments, and she will be ready to model some new pieces of jewelry very soon.


  1. Those are really awesome!!

  2. Those rings are gorgeous Kinga, I love the one with the face. So glad to hear that Sammy is doing much better now, she's a sweet baby girl.
    It's back to school time so you might beable to score on a computer at a good price.

  3. Therese, the face comes from Kristie Lou Brigham, you'll find her under sculptedwindows.etsy.com . She makes really amazing face cabs.
    Thank You All for the nice comments:))

  4. Great rings! You have been super productive. Beautiful work!

  5. Unable to cast a vote for next month's theme....I vote for the Harley's theme


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