Monday, October 31, 2011

Beads East Challenge 2011 -My Entry

I decided to participate in the 2011 Beads East Challenge. This picture shows what came in the challenge kit. There were 50 of these kits, and I know Sharayah is participating, because I got her a kit too, and I can't wait to see what she has done with it. I can't wait to see the other 48 entries too!

Anyhow, the deadline for this challenge is December 8th, and then they will post pictures of all the entries on their website. All the pieces will be sent into their retail store where they will be exhibited and photographed. That part makes me excited because I am not very happy with my pictures, but hey, they will do for now:))

The biggest part of the challenge to me was to design with the colors of the kit. There were lots of purples (love those), greens (love those too) blues (not sure what to do with those), cream (definitely a challenge), yellows and golds (I felt a headache coming on), and then I did not even get to the textures...

Well, I wanted to use as much of the kit as possible, but also wanted to create a design that has a somewhat unified appearance. Not an easy task when there are no matching cabochons, no endless amounts of pearls, crystals, and you have to work only with what's in the kit.

It was allowed to use any backing, any chains, findings, but only the beads provided , so I thought given all that, I would go for something really asymmetrical and something that uses mostly purples, some cream, very little green, and left the blues and yellows out all together.

The kit also featured sequins, and a very unusual multi colored fiber, that had to be used too.
So I spread the fiber out to cover my pellon and used the brass thingy from the kit with the holes and attached the sequins to it.
Then of course I went for the circles again. I think by now, I had my fun with all the negative space and stacked circles and such. After this piece I will venture into new things... But I thought the design suited the materials, and I had fun with this challenge.
The materials were very different from what I normally use, and it was fun to play with them.
I feel like the outcome is festive , girly and fun, and very bubbly.
So Ladies and Gentleman, I give you "Bubbles".

Yes, just like the great man's ape companion....


  1. Oh my Kinga, I love your Bubbles necklace! The colors you decided to use and the flow of the circles does make it look like bubbles.

  2. WOW!!!!! What a winner!!! Totally love the flow of this piece. Awesome job my friend. Mine is so completely different......amazing what the two of us did with the same kit. Looking forward of seeing the other 48 entries.

  3. Yes, bubbles! I really love the pinks and blues, and the girliness is there for sure!!!


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