Thursday, December 8, 2011

Come and vote for your favorite!

Hello everyone. I have participated in the Beads East Challenge this year.So did my friend, Sharayah.
All the entries are great, and there will be a
People's Choice Award with a gift certificate to go along.

If you have some time and you feel like going through some fun stuff, go and vote for your favorite right here.

Everyone had the same beads to work with, so the best part for me, as a participant, is tso see what others did with theirs.
It was such a fun project!


  1. very cool piece! (and I went and voted) how did you find out about this challenge -- I want to play too!

  2. Very beautiful!!!

  3. I wondered if you entry might be here! I looked at it and thought it might be yours. Beuatiful as usual my friend!

  4. The creations are amazing! I love how everyone had to work with the sames beads. It really shows how each artisan is different from each other.


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