Monday, January 16, 2012

Illuminated by Candlelight Challenge - Sharayah Sheldon

 Here is one more entry for the challenge, by Sharayah Sheldon of
And her description of her work :
"Light eases the fear of darkness. People often use candles, flashlights flames for guidance through many dark and often scary places. We too can be a light in the world.

Now this piece will glimmer even in the dark with the multitude of Swarovski crystals and rhinestone chain. I planned this piece with dark, monochromatic blackness all about. Each side is bead embroidered separately with a brass plate inserted between the bead work and the Italian leather which backs the piece.

Once I completed each side, the two curved sections were aligned where I could stitch through the punched out holes & multiple layers of material.

The brilliant dichroic lamp work focal is suspended in the middle; allowing it to spin.

This STATEMENT piece needed no other embellishment, therefore It's attached to an elegant, luxurious choker that measures 16-20 "."

Sharayah is known for making very unusual bead embroidered pieces, this one is no exception to the rule, the black offsets the fiery red in a really intense way . What a clever way to use that lamp work bead too, I love how it spins in the center. Well, I don't know if there are more entries coming or not, but this was definitely a fun challenge, and it made me think about the quality of light. Particle and wave, and just wonderful....


  1. This is a very special necklace. Fantastic contrasts are included. The fire of light and darkness.

  2. Kinga, Sharayah's pendant is gorgeous! I like how she used the firey glass bead as the flame in the darkness. The twinkling of the crystals in the black they look like stars in the night sky.

  3. Az a medal valami fantasztikusan gyonyoru!
    En nem igy csinaltam volna mert elegge fura az osszhatas :)) Az egyik haverom meglatta es egybol "az" jutott eszeberola :)) Ezek a ferfiak.
    Szepen van megcsinalva kulonben.


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