Monday, February 20, 2012

A very girly bulldog bracelet and a funky photo shoot

 Here is the fruit of last weeks'work.
 Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
 This bracelet is to celebrate all the fabulous lady dogs out there, who despite their long lashes, feminine underbites and petite structures (at least when compared to their male counterparts) are still referred to as "he".
Yes, it's blingy,and as pink as it can get, but isn't it fun?
 Then we have some new pictures here. I am getting pretty good at utilizing my ittsy bittsy camera, but it has it's limitations. Plus, if anything needs to be modeled, and Sammy can't do it, then I have to do it, and Paul takes the pictures, and  some pictures just don't come out right...

 Not these! 
These were taken with my best friend's awesome camera, and my friend and her baby daughter graciously decided to model for me.

I love all these pictures. Thank You M. for modeling for me!


  1. Gyönyörű a karkötő, s igazán egyedi és nagyon aranyos a bulldoggal:)

  2. I love the red necklace and think the second pic is great but probably the colors are different in each picture from reality.
    I always have problems to present the real colors.
    All pictures are good and you ''girly bulldog bracelet'' is actually a piece of art. I have a german shepard and always people refer to him as she (hes just 9 months and looking like an adult female.

  3. Love the lady dog bracelet! I just love the spike shaped pieces! The photos are great and your friend is beautiful!

  4. Hi:-))
    This bracelet gives a big smile to me:-)))
    It's really funny.I still admire Your unique ideas.For a girl,who is a fan of dogs,not only this kind of dogs particularly-it can be a real priviledge to wear it:-)
    Yhe modelling session is also very successful-a very nice Woman with very nice jewellery-this is always a perfect match!
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  5. Kinga, Love your female bulldog bracelet so cool. No one will be grabbing your wrist wearing that baby! Your friend should do your modeling for you more often those were very nice photos. Oh sorry Sammy sweetie you should still model also!

  6. I love the bulldog! She's fantastic. :)

    How cool that you got someone to model your jewelry for you! The pieces are fabulous, and the model is adorable -- the camera just loves her.

  7. The female bulldog bracelet is just fabulous, Kinga! (Like all your other fabulous creations!) The photo shoot must have been fun!

  8. LOVE, love, love, the Bulldog Bracelet! And your friend and photos are really pretty, but your photos were good already!

  9. kinga I love your bulldog bracelet! I bought a bunch of animals a year ago with the intention of cutting them and making pieces with them, but i haven't been brave enough to cut them up yet. I bought whole animals because I can't find great pieces like the one you found. Do you mind sharing where you found such a great puppy cabochon? Or did you also make it yourself?

  10. Hi Liss, the bulldog is the work of porcelain artist Laura Mears, her work is available at
    Thank You all for the nice comments:))

  11. You make really beautiful pieces and that bulldog bracelet is simply gorgeous!!! WOW! where did you get the dog?


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