Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Octopus is back!

 This one is shy. See, it's peeking over his shoulder here.
 Since the feedback has been so great , I decided to make more of these. 
 They are all a little bit different, as if different colors gave them entirely different personalities.
 In the past I have said  I don't like repeating myself.
I have some new insights  into not repeating myself...
 I am lucky enough that most of the things I make eventually seem to sell. This is a true blessing, and I am humbled by it. Every time someone buys something, I still freak out thinking they might not like what they got, but they do. 

And some things I made are more popular then others. Like the seasons cuffs and the wrist octopi.
That's why I made more of them.
It's great that people like my work, and if some are more successful then others, does that make me less original? It could. But in the process of making the 4th octopus and the 5th seasons cuff, I came to this conclusion: They are much alike, but in repeating yet changing the design, it becomes more me, I have more control over the complete outcome, and I am more confident of the design's success.

I still don't think I will ever just make one thing and many variations of it, but repetition has it's advantages, and one can hone one's skills in the process, because there is something to measure against.
Not that any of the other octopus or seasons cuffs were bad, but there is a personal growth involved in keeping on making them. Kind of like a mantra. 

Ultimately, whatever we do, if we put in hundreds of hours of work, we get a lot better. Sometimes it takes inventing things, sometimes it takes repeating what you invented. I am impatient and impulsive and I would have never thought I would enjoy repetition, but  I really do.
Does this make any sense?


  1. It totally makes sense to me. They just keep getting more and more interesting, too. I say keep on keeping on. I love my Octavia and I get tons of compliments everytime I wear her. She is very loved.

  2. Hello,Kinga:
    It seems a long time since I last commented upon Your Work.Summer time is never the best for me to get blogging,or even beading.I feel lazy and expressed it in my last post.Also,went for a little relax in another country.It was really a wonderful time.
    Now,I'm back home to see,what was missed during my absence in my favorite blogs.
    I love the fish You've made and each octopi as well.I've never made any 'copy' from my work,neither was asked to do so.Probably,if I did,it wouldn't be exactly the same.As YOu've said here-different features of entirely different personality.But coming back to Your octopusses-each following one seems to be more perfect.I can see a little different style,colors and the setting of beads used to the next design.It's good,that You do not feel tired of making them,which certainly means-I will not be tired of watching and admiring them:-)Good,that You sell Your Works sometimes.No strange,people like them and they are still wanted.It's sometimes hard to get part with the 'recent child' we produced,in which we always leave the little particle of our souls and hearts,but the main aim of our art is to make them go to people to make them happy wearing the miracles made by our hearts and hands.
    Best Greetings and Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  3. Spectacular, great, beautiful ... !!!

  4. Un brazalete precioso!!!
    Felicidades por tu trabajo!!

  5. Kinga, micsoda gyönyörűséget alkottál ismét! Fantasztikus design csodás színekkel!

  6. Ole, ole y ole, viva la creatividad! Es impresionante!!!!

  7. Wonderful! Great idea and colours too.

  8. It all makes perfect sense to me, Kinga. I also say I don't like to repeat myself, but motifs recur all the time and similarities can't help creeping in. I agree with you that it becomes a kind of personal mantra, and in the process, an intensely personal style! I always find inspiration in your beautiful and exuberant work!

  9. I think there is alot of power in creating a series. I think you are wise to pursue your most successful ideas and refine and develop them as far as you can. Love the new Octo!!!

  10. Beautiful! I'm definitely a fan of your work - especially your Octopus series. I agree with you about making the same thing - I never thought I would like it, but I found myself really enjoying making different variations on a theme - like my Buckle Series. I love your latest design - your work is always vibrant, striking and original even if it's on the same theme. I love it!

  11. I know what you mean re: the "repeating" thing, I've been experiencing the same kind of thoughts and experiences while doing my Elegant Elements Cuff Collection. And btw, this optupus is my favourite :D

  12. Szia Kinga! Gratulálok a karkötőhöz,ez is olyan szép mint a többi! Nagyon szeretem őket! Gratulálok,hogy a legjobb 10 között vagy!! :-)))
    /A swarovski amit használtam ez:

    1. Koszi szepen! Koszi a Swari infot is, en errol meg komolyan nem is hallottam, de nagyon szuper!


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