Friday, September 28, 2012

Presence # 1 and Presence # 2

 Think part reptile part robot, part monster with green fur and mismatched eyes, and you got these two guys.
Presence #1 has a brass cuff blank, available from the wonderful Diane Hyde at her bead embroidery store .
Presence # 2 is very much the same, but a real softy, got no cuff blanks at all.
In many ways this is an experiment to find out what YOU prefer. So please leave  your comments.
 The brass cuff blank has it's advantages: fits almost any size wrist, has a wonderful wholesome weight when held in the palm of your hand, and I heard a lot from other artists that they prefer using cuff blanks, because "one size fits all". Well, my experience with "one size fits all" items is that truly, they never fit anyone perfectly.

 Let me explain: a hard cuff with a brass or aluminum blank will never caress your wrist as perfectly as something that has been specifically made for your own wrist. It will fit, it will be reasonably comfy, but it does not move as well with the wrist as a softy cuff, one without the blank.

I prefer making and wearing the soft ones, they are more comfortable, and when I make them without cuff blanks, I start out knowing I might need to re-size a design, or even re-make it to fit my customers needs.
Which is fine by me, but I could see that it could become an issue for other artists. 
 Here we have the two stacked again. Presence #1 with the cuff blank on the bottom, #2 without the cuff blank on top. 
#2 is a lot lighter naturally, and a bit smaller too, since I did not have to add extra room for the edges around the blank, it has a more streamlined appearance. On the other hand #1 feels a lot more substantial, almost like you get more bracelet for the money... When it comes to cuff blanks verses no cuff blanks, I think it's once of those things that is just going to be a matter of personal preference, really. 
 This and the following pictures are all of the soft cuff. Just in case you were wondering  what the green fur was about, it's squirrel zonkers.


Squirrel Zonkers.

Available in small strips at your friendly neighborhood fishing store at the fly fishing section.
Tiny long strips of squirrel or rabbit fur that I laid in in-between rows of 24 carat gold plate size 15 Miyuki beads. These zonkers come in a variety of colors, I also got  purple and white. The rabbit fur has longer hairs but the squirrel is just perfect for delicate bead embroidery projects.
 The funny eyeballs are the work of Matthew Nix, owner of Nixcreations on Etsy. He has these and many more to choose from in various colors. 
 I thought it was an interesting idea to make a backwards bracelet, where what's supposed to be the back is looking right at you in the front instead.
 I had a handful of eyes and based on the asymmetrical shape of original brass cuff blank I built the design around, it seemed like a great idea to mismatch the eyes too.
 There are shimmery green triangle beads, tilas and  a repeating pattern of stripes going around the back. It's definitely a very experimental thing for me. 
Both bracelets got lined with a contrasting green metallic sheepskin linings with a diamond finish.
And now it 's time for you to tell me how you like your bracelets and why. 


  1. Girl your stuff is amazing! Love the squirrel zonkers and I too like using different elements. I have some fuzzy soft camo green yarn I LOVE using. Great job on the cuffs.

  2. They are just adorable, Kinga!
    All your intentions and thoughts about the design are just perfectly right. The bracelets look great, different in a totally positive sence...exciting! I LOVE them!
    Generally I´m standing vis à vis your work in wonder and awe, no kidding!

    Now as for blank or not blank - I prefer the soft one, as a wearer as well as as a designer.
    As designer I need the freedom to give my piece an individual shape rather than being dependent on the shape given by the blank! And I think you are that kind of designer too actually. :-)
    But of course, this may in fact be a way to meet customers´ needs. :-)

  3. Hi Kinga,
    First let me tell you these cuffs are wickedly awesome! To answer your question, I prefer soft cuff for basically the same reasons you have. I have made one with a brass cuff form and I have purchased metal cuffs and I just don't like the way they fit me.

  4. Espectacular!!!! es una verdadera belleza.

  5. These are so awesome I can't stop looking! Everytime I click and enlarge, I see a clever detail I missed a moment ago. Spectacular textures and colors! As for those cuff blanks, I've designed with them several times, and they just do not feel comfortable on my wrist. Happy to know from your other commenters that it's not just me! I'm in the midst of making a cuff for myself right now, and I chose soft.

  6. I love your work Kinga and these cuffs are gorgeous.

  7. Love the cuffs!! I too prefer the soft over the blanks. Where on earth did you find gree squirrel fur??

  8. Terrific and innovative designs :-)
    -Eva Maria

  9. I quite like aluminium cuff blanks as they can be squeezed for a better fit but find a solidly beaded cuff on a brass blank too heavy. When making soft cuffs I sometimes have trouble finding clasps to complement the embroidery, so I avoid that problem with the cuff blank too.

  10. OMG!!! Love. I have been beading up a storm and haven't had a chance to get over here and look at your mad Dr. Seuss inspired renditions of SICKNESS but they are really AMAZING! You are such a delight Kinga, and your personality gushes out of your art. I am in awe. Your work has made my day.

  11. It's like wearing the eye of Sauron on your wrist! I absolutely am gaga for your stuff Kinga! Might just have swooned a bit when I saw these!

  12. WOW.... to say that you are one extremely clever and talented lady is a vast understatement!!! These cuffs are just gorgeous, the mix of colour, shape and texture is just fascinating!!! Loving all of your work I have seen!!!!! Yummy!

  13. i can't wait for your first can't be this good, and not have a book...just saying :)


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