Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time flies, here are some things I did in the last month...

 I have been a busy little beaver lately,except I forgot to update my blog... But I have been beading away and learning about my new camera and messing around with eyeballs as usual. Take these three above for example. The Trio of Hairy Eyeballs.  Just simple fun with some aluminum cuffs, cheesy dolly eyes and spike beads, but they are so lovable. 
 Then I cranked out some rings for all different purposes, most of these are for dear friends. They are also easy to make and people love them.
 While this piece is not the biggest I have made by far, it definitely has a special place in my heart, because it took me forever to figure our how to properly interlace my squares to form the star I wanted to make. It is my entry for the Etsy Beadweavers' challenge for November. The theme was " circles and squares".There are some pretty awesome entries this month, please vote on them between the 9th and 15 of this month here:
 Then we have  some yummy stackable bracelets here, something new and exciting. Both of these pictures show two bracelets stacked, each of them are made with three lambskin cord-like parts, on which ruffled circles float. Just something light and fun and stylish. I kept one of these for me and I love how it is just so easy to wear with anything....

And of course no blog post is ever complete without a picture of the snuggle beast princess. This is Samantha hijacking my Icelandic sheepskin pelt, and enjoying herself a great deal while at it...
I finished this post , and then realized, that I completely forgot to share two other bracelets: Memento Mori and See No Evil.
The last three pictures basically. Memento Mori means remember, you must die. It is an art form in itself, I am sure you have seen paintings of dancing skeletons maybe even sculptures too. It's purpose is to remind the viewer of their mortality. Also, when on a victory triumph, a slave behind the Roman emperor used to whisper these words into the emperor's ear, just in case in all the glory he might forget that he is only a mortal too.  Sherry from Beadstalkers gave me the cool skeletal cameo before Halloween to do something fun with it, and Memento Mori happened when I glanced at it, and just knew that he was going to have two roses in his skeletal hands offering them to the wearer. The little roses have been laying around my bead box for years, and I finally knew exactly what they wanted to be.

See No Evil is an experiment with a bronze focal made by me. I know, it has a hole and let's just say I haven't mastered the kiln yet, but I liked the look of it, almost like an unearthed antique from ages far far gone. I took a mold of a sculpture I have at home of the three monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil speak no evil. They are from my grandma, she purchased them in Paris decades ago form a street vendor. I just built a pleasing world around See No Evil, and gave him nice shiny glass doll eyes, because he is not looking, but he wants to!

So you see, I have been busy alright. But next time I remember to write about my adventures instead of just beading on like a crazed spider weaves a web without stopping....


  1. My goodness Kinga you have been busy, you must be a very speedy beader. Love all of these, especially the eyeball ones

  2. Hi,Kinga:
    It's not often I have the pleasure to see Your new art works,but all those ,You've shown here are really wonderful.Mostly,I am impressed with the rings,as they are really special here and the silver bracelet,which seems to be something new,both; in expression and character.All Your works are in the recognisable style,which emphasizes the features,that say at once-the items are made by You.
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  3. Love the Hairy Eyeballs, the Circles and Squares piece, and the photo of Princess Sammy on her woolie especially! The stackables idea is a delightful new direction for you, and I have already said how appealing I find "See No Evil," especially from a woman who workd with eyeballs!!! Hugs!

  4. Not only are you an incredibly talented woman, but you're also prolific. Such a lot of gorgeous work in a month! I always enjoy seeing what you've been up to!

  5. WOW! That is what you did in the last month??? I haven't done that much in the last year. You are so amazing. Your work always stands above all the rest.


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