Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Nibette Cuff kit in Spicy Mami and Cool Girl Blue Colorways coming to Etsy June 10th at 1:00 pm mountain time

Nibette is named after Nikia and Babette, my friends who provided me with some of the materials that make up this beautiful bracelet. Babette's family has been in the jewelry business for generations and the glass cabs and enameled bugs and glass pink elephants were from her. At this point, they are about a hundred years old and have seen at least one world war and traveled an awful lot to get to me. They are irreplaceable, precious and beautiful. Nikia gave me the delicate but sturdy brass cuff blanks that give the piece its shape and form. She found them at the wholesale warehouse while she was traveling through Rhode Island's land of plenty (of beads). The red colorway pictured here is called Spicy Mami.
Realizing that oftentimes one size does not fit all, for those lovely beaders whose wrists aren't between 6 and 7 inches, this bracelet is offered with a clasp too. This option is instead of the metal cuff. If your wrist is under 6 inches or bigger than 7, pick the clasp option.
The "Cool Blue Girl" colorway is all bronze and teal and aqua and it features wee enameled bugs. These precious itty bitty critters appear to be hand enameled and most of them were one of a kind. I had a bagful of them and to my surprise most did not match at all. With all my samples I try not to single out a most outstanding focal or the best looking stone or in this case the one matching set of bugs. I picked a mismatched pair to show you that the overall feel is beautiful even if the bugs are not exactly alike. The focals which are the vintage German cabs are all beautiful. They are all striated with sparkly bronze and blue. The same goes for the red ones, which are red and bronze and white.
Such a pretty, pretty bracelet. I could not pick a favorite. I like both colorways equally, I think.
Agent Nancy Mayhem clearly prefers the blue. ( Not actually true: the red wasn't ready yet when I took this picture.😏)
          Gratuitous pug pictures that don't even have the bracelet in focus. I can not help myself.

                                                            My pug is just way too cute.

Here we have them side by side. Do note that the red one has a clasp and no brass cuff blank inside, so if their shapes are not the same, it's because of that. The red kit comes with dark purple metallic leather for the inside lining while the blue has a bronze- teal lining.

 This lovely kit is available in very limited quantities due to the fact that the Weimar Republic no longer makes glass cabs or tiny enameled bugs or delirium tremens inspired mirror like tiny pink elephants. Neither can I get more cuff blanks. Life is such. Some of the nicest things are rare.

The kit will be posted on Etsy on the 10th of June at 1:00pm mountain time.

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