Inspiration Box Changes

 Howdy friends! It's been over a year, last May in fact when I made some changes to the Inspiration Box' distribution.

I cut down on the number of boxes sold individually instead of as part of an annual subscription, had to raise prices a bit too. Since the first issue of the box more than 7 years ago, for the first time ever, last year there was a 10% increase in price.

Many of you kindly subscribed for another year after your first year of subscription was over. Thank you.

Some of you kept on buying them one at a time. Only some. Even though I have made less and less each time, I kept on not selling what I have made. Completely understandable, life and circumstances change, we only have so much money for hobby related spending and we have to pick and chose what we spend it on.

I also get to pick and chose what I invest my limited business spending. Some products generate income some don't. The invested hours matter too, not just money. I figured I would give it a year before making any further changes to the distribution of the boxes. In fact I gave it almost a year and a half. Things did change, but not for the better when it comes to the individual box sales.

Hence my decision of cutting out the option for one at a time boxes. From Winter 2023, Kinga's Inspiration Box will only exist as an annual subscription. As for the subscription, as long as there is any interest, you will of course keep on getting what you have paid me for. Maybe those sales will dwindle too. We all have so many options on where, when and how to buy beads, kits, etc these days. Some products there is always a market for, and some just go away. 

Even if eventually no one wanted Inspiration Boxes, I can honestly say it had a good run. It did inspire many and brought joy to many. Maybe eventually it will make a come back? Or not? We shall see.

For anyone reading this who wants to sign up for a year, please contact me on Etsy about it. You will find me at 


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