Thursday, December 1, 2022

Kinga's Inspiration Box, Winter 2022, Volume 25 is now live! The moths got it!


They have landed! They had a long way to fly, but the moths have unionized and arranged themselves in a most tempting fashion inside the pretty boxes. The better to tempt you with, this holiday season. Maybe you have expected some jingle bells or red nosed reindeer? Naaah. This is our 25th season. Gotta keep things exciting. 

And what could be more exciting then moths? When I was wondering what theme to pick this time, the answer was right in front of me. ( Above my left wrist, to be exact.) 

The box will be shipped in a deceptively light champagne pink bubble envelope this time. Not shown here. But when you open it, you will see star spangled darkness. And the pretty black box showing this sweet fuzzyboi's bestest tummy.
Look at all of them together. So pretty in black and white.An army of sweet fuzzy wuzzies.

Then, peek-a-boo! You open the box, and there is what appears to be a sweet mothfie. A moth selfie.
And a card, with Nancy. Our friend, Nikia Angel gifted Nancy these fine wings. Sure they are angel wings originally, but Nancy used them to be a mothpug.

She really rocked the look. And the wings were comfy enough that she wore them quite a while after her photo shoot.

 Inside the moth eaten box you have a scary pewter moth, 2 enameled pretty and colorful moth pins and a sweet, pewter Green Girl Studios fairy( or is she a moth woman????)  in your box to establish the moth eaten nature of the offerings here. 
There is a beautiful color changing set of Melody Cross' Galaxy Cabs, Greek ceramic bead mix in speckled turquoise and copper, a mix of etched glass daggers, 2mm AB topaz crystals, fancy stones ( all from our friends at the People's Republic, because #FUCKOVSKI.) 
There are hematite and gunmetal seed beads, shaped Czech beads ( you will either get tiny silver mushrooms OR metallic teacups, plus everyone gets gunmetal crescents.)
There are Czech buttons too. These will vary in color.
Besides the pretties on these pictures, you will also get two pieces of stretch velvet. One crushed royal purple, and one red patterned. And a piece of metallic lambskin that will be enough for backing at least one bracelet.

Shall you decide that this is the time for you to subscribe for a whole year, which means 4 issues, starting with this winter, you will also get a pretty felted pouch. A grey one with flowers this time, and inside you will find a beautiful face focal from the Face of Time. Here is where you purchase a subscription:

The benefits of purchasing the box as an annual subscription are:
-shipping is included at a flat rate of $7 at the time of your purchase, unlike one at a time purchases, this is not subject to fluctuation depending on package's weight
-you get one of the  felted pouches shown when you subscribe alongside your first box. Your pouch contains one face focal from fellow Etsy artist
-after your first box, you will get a smaller extra item with each box during your active subscription.
-you never have to worry about missing a box. I am making fewer of them than in the past, and they sell out quicker. Pay once, and you don't have to chase the next issues, they will be shipped via first class USPS  before the rest of them become available to non subscribers.
-if you are ordering from outside of the US, your shipping will cost more than the price of this subscription which is 4x $110 for the box plus 4x$7 for the shipping equaling $468. The difference will be separately billed.
- you don't have to worry about your crazy expensive subscription automatically renewing next year in case you forget about it: it's just me packing and shipping these, and once your last paid for box is shipped, I will contact you if you would like to extend your subscription. I don't take you for granted and at that point you will get the special dibs new subscribers get too if you decide on another year. 

In case you haven't been buying my boxes for a while, and you are surprised by the changes, regarding the subscription option and such, read this. THIS.


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