Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eureka Moments

 I am on cloud nine! A year ago I had a tiny Fuji camera that I did not even know how to use properly, and I thought I was a complete failure of a photographer. ( The kind that is only saved by the grace of digital cameras from chopping heads off of family members on pictures...)

 Not to mention that I only had a few bigger pieces of jewelry under my belt and for the most part I considered making  them not worth my time. Understand Dear Reader, that I am a simple person. I hardly ever wear my own jewelry I don't wear makeup most of the time, I  passionately hate wearing earrings, and I really hardly ever wear necklaces.

 If anything, I put a bracelet on.

 That was always my favorite piece of jewelry, a happy little place on my wrist to look at on a busy day when I did not forget to put it on.

 Then the Battle of the Beadsmith happened, and I made a large necklace, the Fishies. Quite a beginning, and to honor it, I invested money into a new camera, and time into learning how to use it. Even on a small budget I have to say the time that goes into it is the biggest investment, as I have a full time job, try to bead as much as I can, but then I had to incorporate taking better pictures into this already busy regiment.

 Things have a way of unfolding in the most unexpected directions.
I have to say I dread taking pictures of my jewelry. It's a boring mundane task, but I am getting  better at it.
I did however  discover a passion for making my vision come true when it comes to taking pictures with models. It's not exactly fashion photography that excites me per se.  It's creating a feeling that goes well with the way I see my jewelry.

 Allow me to explain: I am a control freak.
 I dream of things, I make them, and taking the right pictures allows me to represent the original feeling that inspired the pieces better. I am not very good at it yet, but these pictures are a step in the right direction. This way I am able to find the right clothing ( on sale) the right makeup ( youtube videos are a godsend on learning how to apply it), and find the right light and setting ( at the store I work at, thanks boss).

 So this is your photography on the bare minimums. All it took was an agreeable and incredibly beautiful friend to model, a dress,  makeup, fake lashes and the wee bit of Photoshop skills I have learned by taking the classes I got for my birthday.

Of course these pictures don't replace the  closeups and the other detailed pictures of the jewelry, but they add a serious amount of oooomph to the subject.

Just in case my new found passion for models is not up your alley, here are the closeups of these pieces.The bracelet is called Sinister Peach because it is smokey and sinister looking but it's also peachy and sweet.
I feel like I am in a good place. I am making things I enjoy producing tremendously, and I am learning how to add a second layer of meaning to them by making their visual presentation as attractive as the pieces are themselves. Not an easy task, but I enjoy it quite a bit. Especially because it involves a number of skills. First making the jewelry, then doing the prep work( getting the costume together, makeup, etc..) and taking the pictures, then editing them. Makes me happy to learn all these things .