Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a little something for a World's best dentist...

Dr. Beth!
The woman has been combating my cavities, root canals and crowns for about 6 months now and she is the nicest person you'll ever meet. I go to a low income clinic for my dental work and I never expected to meet a doctor as caring and sweet as she is. So, as my dental ordeal is coming to an end hopefully very soon, I made Dr Beth a present.Here it is. She loved it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Remember about my grandmother's curtain?

I was ranting and raving about how much I loved that curtain, having spent years looking at it instead of napping quietly as I should have had.
And how it's patterns still influence everything I dabble in, and I promised to show you what I mean. Well, here are a few non beady items to show where the patterns reappear.
Here we have first a block of wood I found that made a good canvas for an autumnal mixed media experiment two years ago: Painted it ocher, pasted pressed leaves on it, put some gold leaf on as background, and drew a landscape across the whole with buildings ,only visible looking at it real close, then applied a layer of glossy polyurethane finish I used to use for murals.
What a glorious mess.

Then we have my collage, where my intention was to create a dream scape. I dream about places like this, and instead of painting it, I collected cutouts from various magazines and brochures and included my favorite obsession many times over: mushrooms. I own about 30 books on mushrooms and even molds, basically the Fifth Kingdom. I have been smitten with them since I could remember.
Anyhow, this is just one of the handful of collages of it's kind I have done, but it's my favorite. That's why it's here. Even though it's not painted, in many ways, the cutouts follow the rhythm of the pattern of the curtains to, don't they?
I also make shadow boxes, here is a good example, check it out.

Then we have this lovely little mixed media drawing thingy,of a lady who is everything that I am not. I am round and my hair is short and straight.She is all angles and tiny and and has curly long thick red hair.She has a way of appearing in my pictures,including this one.Here she is all free, jumping up in the hair, with the mythical golden forest behind her.

Spring Swap at the Etsy Beadweavers Team

Just like the White Rabbit himself, I am always running late.
Like with this post, for example. The spring swap takes place every year, and this was my first year to take part in it , and boy, it was so much fun.
What happens is that you get someone else's info, including their color preferences and such, and on a tight budget of ten bucks, you make them something that they will hopefully love, and in return someone else, possibly across the globe, makes something else following the same rules for you.
Isn't that neat?
You can see all the wonderful things created right at the team's blog, here:

Look at the wonderful cuff I got from Lisa Fuller, who happens to be my friend. She must have had a hard time not telling me about how she got me as her swap partner. I admire how she could keep such a secret. I just love it! She did such a wonderful job with the colors ,and the repeating pattern of stacked semi circles is so cool!
She makes amazing pieces of wearable art.
You can check out her website right here:
And while at it, don't forget to check out her blog. It rocks.

As for my part, I made a necklace for Jesse Yost, who likes purple and orange together. Guess who likes orange and purple together?
Samantha Regina Shaub Nichols does.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Incarnadine Wonder Cuff

I confess: I do not like pink. But I am branching out, ok? I checked with many ladies out there, and it seems like everyone loves pink. So I will be accommodating, and there will be more pink things coming. (That doesn't mean that I will stop making foreboding dark things that often feature eyeballs, or just look like they are meant to be worn by the Three Fates. Not at all, just in case you worried. I will also not give up on having my canine super star model my jewelry. This one was simply too big for the precious paws.)
So here we go. Lovely pink. What comes to mind ?
Pink panther.
This shade of pink, the pink of the pearls is very.... hmm... flashy to me. Also fleshy. In an almost erotic way.

So there you have it: The Incarnadine Wonder Cuff.
Incarnadine is one of Bertrand Russel's twenty favorite words. It means having pinkish color of flesh.According to Clifford Pickover ,who is one of my favorite writers, a fan asked him his twenty favorite words back in 1958. (The other 19 are:wind, heath, golden, begrime, pilgrim, apocalyptic, ineluctable, terraqueous, inspissated, quagmire, diapason, alabaster, fulminate, astrolabe, chorasmean, sublunary, alembic, chrysoprase, ecstasy.)
According to Pickover we can compute an OI, (obscurity index) that tells us the degree to which a person tends to choose words not commonly used by English speakers. When he computes this OI, he just counts the words his spell checker can't find , and divide this number by the number of words on the list.So Bertrand Russel's OI is 0.25. For those who are interested in such, I suggest Pickover's excellent book:Sex, Drugs, Einstein and Elves.

Tickles my brain incarnadine every time.

To me, these words conjure some wonderful images. They have shapes and tastes and volume and other wonderful qualities. Sublunary( relating to the terrestrial world) and incarnadine are particularly beautiful. I would have to think about my favorite 20, but one I really enjoy is antediluvian .

If you are in love with words too, check out
It's a wonderful way to waste some time while expanding one's vocabulary and donating free rice. For every word you get right, they donate some rice for you to people in need.

If you have favorite words, you could leave it in the comments. I promise I actually will read the comments this time.

On comments

To all my dear friends who left me comments. I am such a dimm-dimm, that I forgot to ever check them. With my other blog, I get notices when someone kindly leaves a comment. I guess I did not set this one up to do that, and they just get posted automatically, which is great, but because I didn't get notices, I had no idea that you guys actually read all this and left me comments. Thank You All so much!

Theater night or BDSM?

I have no idea. I guess the answer to that question will be up to whoever will wear this. I think if I am lucky enough to have it long enough, I might wear this with the clutch to the wedding party.
While messing around with the clutch, I stumbled upon an interesting way to visually showcase pearls, by surrounding them with seed beads in a way that resembles.... many things. (Dragon scales, pebbles, stepping stones, zen gardens, whatnot.) After having watched some bike races with Paul, who got truly excited about the 2011 Paris- Roubaix, and made me watch the whole thing, by the end I was convinced that the pattern indeed is cobble stones.
I was tempted to name this piece Hell of the North ( the pet name of Paris-Roubaix) , but that would be lost on most people except for the fans of road bike racing. And let's face it:most of them don't wear chokers, even if they shave their legs.

So it is called the Pave choker.
As a matter of fact, this series is called the pave series. There will be more.
I can't get enough of the textures. And we all know that I am a sucker for textures.

Here is my lovely young coworker Robin modeling the Pave Choker. Boy, that sounds a lot better then Hell of the North, doesn't it?

Another challenge, this post is a bit late

Guess what: One of these picture does no feature my new creation for the Etsy Beadweavers Team April challenge, theme being "Spring around the corner".
Can You find it?
Oh yes. It is indeed Anakh SuNamoon sleeping in a mini brown bag. If only my new purse was big enough, she would be taking a nap in it. With a whopping 5lbs, the world's tiniest Persian kitty would fit almost any bag ,but this teeny clutch. I am tempted to to make a purse slightly bigger, just to have her be able to nap in something more suitable for such a royal feline. Although she prefers Felis Catus...

So this month didn't go by either without another challenge.
This one collided with my efforts to make myself a clutch that will match my (not so) wedding, (not so) gown.
Allow me to explain.
Sir Nichols and I have tied the knot 3 weeks ago.
In sweatpants at the court house, so we could take Samantha Regina to the dog park after.
The weather was lovely, we simply had to let the pup swim a bit.

But we are going to have a small celebration in May, however, since we are already married, it's a Not So wedding.
And since I am not going to wear white, it's a Not So gown.

The before mentioned dress is a lovely shade of gray. And so the purse is gray to match it. But it's also flowery and springy a bit, although in my hands spring turns into autumn, and the flowers into trees.
See, they are a bit more like trees then flowers. Well, I still like them . My inspiration was Klimt's landscapes. Then again, he is better with autumn too, then spring.
The voting for this at is almost over.
If you read this on the 15th, you can still go and vote for your fave. There are plenty of really really neat things to vote for this month.