Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The inspiration found me in the woods....

So You would think that if am going to have my own challenge, I would actually have a set idea in my mind of what exactly I want to make. Well, if only I was that simple. I had some jumbled ideas of course. Like copper. Lots of it. Maybe some washers , chains whatnot...
But the cohesive power,the unifying element, the meaning behind the crazy has managed to elude me never the less.

So, for the first time in weeks, I decided to set work aside for my days off, and instead have a grand time just being, just enjoying myself a bit.

And so it happened, that Paul and I, and of course my superhero Sammy, to whom I am but only a sidekick, decided to go on a hike. It was Sammy's idea of course.

We drove up to Eldora, which is a tiny mountain town with little log cabins, and hiked up to a place called Lost Lake. On the way there, we found an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods. One day I will have my own, very much like this, but in better shape. The one on the picture suffered fire damage and is only a step away from returning it's humble wooden skeleton to good mother earth... I wanted to sneak in, but the whole house was warped, sagged in the middle, seemed ready to collapse, and so even the Lovecraft loving part of me had the better sense of staying out. How serene life must have been here before the fire...

As the snow is melting away, the whole forest , which sits in a deep valley was alive with the sound of music. Well, water music. Humble little creaks turned into rushing rivers, and we have seen at least a dozen veritable waterfalls . Colorado has got to be the most beautiful state ever. Makes me so happy that life decided to drop me in the midst of it.

The one where Paul took our picture (Sammy and I) created such mist, that as the sun shone through it, it was as if little sprites were dancing in the glow of the golden summer afternoon sun.

Then we have a picture of Paul gazing at the faraway mountains and Sammy inspecting Lost Lake for fish. Thankfully we don't have any pictures of me in my underwear enjoying the coolness of the lake. The epiphany for the Hardware Store challenge came right after the dip, on the way down from the mountain.

The necklace will be called the Heartwood Hardware collar. Soon I will list pictures of the materials that will be used for it. And then I will start working on it....

Sometimes inspiration comes from not trying, from the Wind in the Willows (if you are somewhat of a toad), or the rustling leaves of Aspens....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ok, so I am a frog now, but what else is changing?

Well, many things. Many things... For one, I decided that every month, right here on my bloggie, there will be a challenge, a challenge mostly for me, and hopefully, others might join in on the fun too.
Let me explain:
Marcie over at LaBellaJoya has her Margie and Me challenge, where every month she comes up with different color schemes from architecture, art, whatever inspires her and her challenges are so much fun. Also, the Etsy Beadweavers challenges are great too, but I am kind of burned out on them a bit for never winning. No ones fault really. I got second place again with the Honeybee necklace, it's pretty awesome, but I want a challenge now where everyone is a winner.

So I came up with the idea of having my own monthly challenge, where I get to pick the first theme and then if no one does the challenge with me, then I get to pick the next theme too (See, that way I always win:)) But if other artists decide to join in on the fun, then at the end of the month I post everyone else's entries right here and on Facebook too, and all who entered get to think about really creative, really inspiring ideas for next month's challenge and then we can decide together what the next month's challenge is going to be.

Worst thing that can happen is that I'm going to have some fun and come up with some outlandish ideas every month and no one joins.
Such as "Favorite Childhood Smells Beaded".
Or "Who Are You? The existentialist beadquest"
Perhaps "Home is where the heart is"
Maybe"The magical landscape of your dreams"
Or" Recycled, upcycled objects turned into jewelry"?

Well, I am not going to run out of ideas.
Today is the 20th of June.
The theme of my first challenge is
"Hardware store"
Unusual finds that have not been made into jewelry yet. Go find them, bead with them. That's all.
Email me 2 pictures of it to kinganichols@yahoo.com by next month this time ,and I will post it here promptly.

I understand this is not very climactic, not much to gain, but it could be fun, we could all be winners and did I say it would be fun?

Other changes.
There will be some giveaways coming soon to my followers. Here and on Facebook too.

The wind of change is blowing over us

Yes, there will be many changes Dear Reader.
I decided to rebrand. The White Rabbit thing was never me, truly, deep down I am, but a frog.All my life I was in love with frogs, toads and toadstools of course, had pet frogs, Mr Purple and Baby Crimson, and had a semi successful mural painting gig under the name of Crimson Frog. I even had an Etsy account set up years ago under that name, and then I decided that for the jewelry thing I was going to change my name to White Rabbit, like in Alice in Wonderland. Well, there isn't much fluffy and cuddly about frogs. They have wonderful qualities on their own, and the frog really wanted out.
So I gave in.
I redid my Etsy store.
Now You'll find me under Crimsonfrog .
And , I am on Facebook too.
Come and Like me there please, I get a bit lonely and I am not very good at using FB yet.

As soon as I have cast off my faux fur, good thing started to happen. I sold a bracelet, got an order for a second one, then I got a really big order for 3 of my best, most treasured necklaces.
I will miss them, but they are going to a very good home to make a wonderful lady happy:))

Here is a pictural homage to the pieces that found a new home through my new froggish site....

And of course, so no one can accuse me of too much professionalism, I must include at least one picture just for the sake of pure adorability.
Yes. That's the furdaughter caught sleeping like a human child.