Monday, December 27, 2010

New pieces from December

I have been a busy little beaver all month. First I made this sweet little bracelet, very simple very sophisticated.
Then I made this one, that I can't even part with. Major bling factor, I love wearing it. There will surely be more like this , as I loved the color combination and had so much fun with this piece.

Then some Christmas presents for some friends. This one is for Marketa, who's name means pearl. I let her pick out the centerpiece , the ammonite for this more then a year ago, just never got around making the necklace, until now. She is all about class and splendor, I thought that the white pearls and the sand opal swarovski crystals were in tune with her style. Sle liked it.
This is Tracy's necklace, who is all about pink and cranberry and loves pearls and shiny things. The dichroic cab reminded me of a pink sea with a volcano above it. Very very Tracy. She loved her necklace too.
I made some barrettes too, I will soon post pictures of those too.

I did not win the December EBWT challenge, but it's ok. Here is the winner for You. Isn't this piece just lovely?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Etsy Beadweaver Team challenge, this time, on time

Here is my new piece, created for the EBW Team's December Challenge,the theme was Simon and Garfunkel-Songs of Inspiration.

The song I chose was A Church Is Burning.

"A church is burning
The flames rise higher
Like hands that are praying
Aglow in the sky
Like hands that are praying
The fire is saying,
"You can burn down my churches
But I shall be free."

I wanted to make a fierce-some necklace with fires and smoke swirling towards the sky, the praying hands are being represented by the orange center stone.I wanted it to be a strong statement, all swirling lines, as if painted, no place for the eye to rest, but I also wanted it to have beauty and balance that lifts it above it's immediate imagery...
In order for viewing this piece one must first look at it from afar, so the lines all come together to form the fire and smoke, then take a closer look to reveal the details that add up to the whole.
It was a challenge to create a piece that is so symbolic, fluid, asymmetrical, and yet has an organic flow and balance. I tried to incorporate negative spaces instead of many colorful gems, as if singed by flames.

Please visit our team blog, ( between the 9th and 15th and vote for your favorite entry.

What fun I had with this one! It was more like a painting then a piece of jewelry, how it came to be. But then again my paintings look very much like my jewelry, and when it comes down to it it's all the same, right?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall is here, and I am beading again

So it's that special creative time of the year again, and here is what came out of it so far.
A little alligator watching You from the cuff bracelet ,from it's garden of green and purple.

A Sun burst earring in turquoise and silver, a forever popular color combo.


This lovely lovely necklace that was created for the Etsy Beadwever Team's November Challenge, theme being holiday treasures. The holiday had to be in November, and guess what is in November, World Vegan Day!

I am a vegan. My Fiancee is a vegan. Sammy precious is a vegan (for the most part), and so I had to take advantage of this.

But I missed the entry date by five days unfortunately, so You can't vote for me ... Too bad. Anyhow, for anyone that wants to vote for other beautiful creations, here is the link.

There will be more coming soon....

Good news: My jewelry is now featured in a local store/gallery, called Umba. If you are in Boulder, check it out . It's on Pearl Street on the corner of Broadway.

I have an other blog that features my creations as well, but it's also about my Sammy Ding Dong's transition to a vegan diet. Check it out .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer fun...

Decided to take it easy for a while , and enjoy some fun hiking and reading and save the jewelry making for later. We hiked up to Arapahoe Glacier, here are the pictures from our excursion.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Why do we live in Colorado?

That's exactly why.

And what has Samantha Regina been doing?...

Well, she has been swimming for one. Then she also honed her mean fetching and running away skills. played with pals, went to daycare, ate her healthy raw Cornish game hens with great gusto and jumped into the creek and got muddy as many times as caninely possible. Here are some new pics. Swimmy time, giving new meaning to the term snug as a bug and the portrait of a young canine lady. Enjoy.

We are back!

After a few weeks of taking it easy , I started beading again. It is a really frustrating fact, that I haven't sold a piece yet. So , I figured I should make some smaller necklaces. I contemplated this matter for quite a while: How to make smaller necklaces that don't take me for weeks to complete without any artistic compromise? It was my Grandma's idea to scale down a bit after I sent her pictures of my work. Ever so practical , she told me that I make beautiful things, but they aren't really for everyday wear and so it will be hard to sell them. This got me fuming for a second, thinking that I am NOT going to compromise when it comes to my artwork. Then I thought and thought for days and rethought my approach to the subject. Why does it have to be a compromise? I am never going to make the same thing by the dozen, as a matter of fact, I refuse to make anything twice, BUT if I keep the spirit of my work , I can downsize, and make some cool, smaller necklaces for everyday wear, and maybe some other accessories as well. I don't ever wear earrings, and so I don't make earrings. Pretty silly, I got to think about this,and now I shall make some earrings soon. Well, here are four new offerings, all smaller all still pretty far out there.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ok, I am a sucker for textures...

More Sammy

Here are a few new pictures of Light of my life Samantha. On the first here she is in a tired doggie position wearing her signature red hoodie. (Yes, I have a matching one!) Then a Why did you wake me up face followed by an I am going back to sleep face and last but not least the Good Girl wants cookies positions. If only I could get her to sit like that with my jewelry on....

More Textures