Saturday, July 30, 2011

And the winner of the give away is ...

.... Cindy!
Thank You All for participating, and be assured ,there will be more give aways soon. I think next time I will give away a ring. This is just so much fun, I will have to do it more often.

Friday, July 29, 2011

What should we make next month Ladies?

Well, my hardware store challenge is officially over. Some participants offered a theme, some didn't, and our options are:

Harley Davidson inspired jewelry , idea of Sharayah Sheldon

Disney inspired jewelry, idea of Meg Thompson

Roaring Twenties, idea of Therese Frank.

With such cool options, I think I am ok with not putting any ideas of my own forward. I put up a poll and then we can vote on what to make next.
I figured I will leave the poll up for a week and then start working on the new piece.
If the poll doesn't work, just leave me a comment on this post about it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

One last entry by Tamara Allison of Vanishing Pearl

When Tamara Allison contacted me today about her hardware inspired jewelry, I simply had to include her lovely pieces here, even though I thought the challenge was over, there is always room for one more, right?

Especially when the the best description for the artist is part mad scientist, part crazy talented bead artist.

Her entries are just so stunning and so very original!
Tamara, just like our other features artist this month, Meg Thompson is a really young person and so her beady achievements are all the more amazing.

When she isn't inventing new ways of using washers and faucet handles for amazing necklaces , she uses her knowledge of biology to create double helix DNA earrings,
moth masks,
and used book cover necklaces.
I also remember her Etsy Beadweaver team challenge entry that included a piano hammer that was truly fascinating.

Needless to say, this young lady is not afraid of challenges, and her style is unique, unusual and incredibly inventive.
Her store Vanishing Pearl on Etsy features many of her designs, and her blog is not only a feast for the eyes, but it will also crack you up.
A girl after my own heart. Thank You Tamara!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sharayah Sheldon from 4uidzne is our next participant...

... And featuring her brings me great pleasure. She is a fellow Etsy Beadweaver team member, and best among friends. One could say she is my"sister from another mother"!

Her designs are imaginative, extravagant, luxurious and she keeps on redefining what bead embroidery is, by constantly pushing her own and her viewers boundaries.

I just love this piece. It's a choker, but it can be expanded and I think she is planning on additions to it, to possibly turn it into a collar. It doubles as an arm band, and it's fully adjustable.
The filter cone brass thingies she used are just so hardcore!
Makes me wish I thought of that before:)
And the washers for the secondary focals make such a wonderful backdrop to those neat little meshy cone dingers.

This lovely piece is named "The Mechanic's Night Out".
Sharayah's fantastic creations are available for purchase at her etsy store, and she is represented by the Jewelry Mechanic, a truly amazing gallery in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
Keep on rocking Lady!

Challenge entries of Lizzie and Thomas McDonnell

Lizzie and Thomas are sister and brother and they are newcomers to Etsy, and their works are rock solid as you can see here.

The bracelet is the work of Lizzie, who used very simple materials, brass hex nuts and blue swarovski bicones , and yet the outcome is sublime!

See sometimes, one doesn't have to over complicate things, a simple , streamlined design can yield to the most aesthetically pleasing results, if all is in balance. And this little bracelet is indeed well balanced and elegant as could be. The brass combined with the swarovski crystals, plus the shapes of the nuts makes me think of Morocco and tiles.
It's interesting how very feminine brass hardware can become in the hands of a skilled artisan:))

The necklace is the work of Thomas , who utilized computer coupling nuts, and it's another example of simple modern efficient design, that creates a statement.
This piece is very masculine and very attractive, yet seems so very comfortable to wear.

Lizzie and Thomas now have a new etsy store called California Solid Arts,check it out right here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My first beady little give away

I have been thinking about doing a give away for a while, to spread the beady love to my kind readers, who slowly but surely increase in numbers. Thank You so much to all of You!

I made this little bracelet just for the purpose of giving it way, it's very simple , but hopefully it will make someone happy.
I used purple sheepskin for the front, metallic silver sheepskin for the back, and a beautiful raku cabochon by fellow Etsy artist Wondrousstrange.
I have purchased an assortment of raku cabs from this wonderful lady, if you are in the market for such work, her store is a veritable treasury of raku goodness, please check it out.

Like I said, it's simple and neat, nothing really fancy, and if you like it all you have to do is follow my blog (if you are already a follower that's great too), and leave me a comment right here on this post, and on the 30th at night, I will choose a random winner.
The bracelet will fit a wrist that's between 6.5-7 inches wide.
Due to the nature of the bracelet being free, I rather not re size it, but even if it isn't your size, it could still make a great gift to a loved one, right?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meg Thompson from Megbeads is up next!

Meg Thompson is an aspiring young jewelry artist from Australia. She is dreaming about becoming a medical researcher one day, but I have a feeling that in the process she will also become a bead celebrity!

"Washing the wall plugs-A Necklace" is the title of her lovely piece she made for this challenge, because it features washers and wall plugs beautifully embellished with seed beads and various semi precious stones.

Meg has been beading for four years now, and her work is imaginative and unique, she tries her hand in every form of bead weaving with success, and she just recently discovered bead embroidery, which of course is my favorite way to bead, and her first bead embroidered necklace is gorgeous. Check it out!

Meg too is part of the Etsy Beadweavers Team, and I am so glad I met her.
She is such an inspiration to me! I share her favorite quote with you:
"For when i am weak, then I am strong."

2 Corinthians 12:1

Next feature for the Hardware Store Challenge by Jessie Yost

This clever necklace is the work of Jessie Yost of Lexington, Kentucky. She has been beading for over ten years now, and she makes some amazing things, muchLink of which is available at her Etsy store.

Jess likes roller coasters,fast cars, spending time with her family listening to Jennifer Daniels (and thanks to her I can't stop listening to her now either:) As a matter of fact I am listening to her right now!
Jessie also writes a really neat blog that's called My Cat ate your 5.

If you take a look at her Etsy store, you'll notice that her choices of colors are always fresh, her color combinations are crisp and fun, and her work is playful and inventive. Her Sunburst Beaded Earrings illustrate that beautifully!

This challenge came to Jessie naturally, as she works at Home Depot, and she cleverly used the store's logo for inspiration here. Isn't that neat?
Jessie also happens to be my fellow Etsy Beadweaver Team member.

Challenge extended till the 24th

Hello everyone. I just got another wonderful entry for my challenge, but I have to scoot to work, so you'll have to wait till tonight to see it.
I think there are more entries coming, and since this challenge was not much about rules, I decided to extend the whole thing till Sunday, giving everyone a chance to finish their hardware goodies.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More pictures of my entry.

Well, here are more pictures of my piece for my Hardware Store Challenge.

In the center of the necklace there is a wooden molding thing that I treated with some wood stain and nailed little copper tacks into.

I was thinking about hearts, achy hearts , hurts and the image of the Virgin of Seven Sorrows came to mind. If you haven't grown up with a catholic grandma, then you probably don't know what that is. It's a painting of the Virgin Mary with an anatomically correct heart that has seven little knives piercing it, all bloody, all so sad.

It probably symbolizes her suffering for her son and humankind, but for me , as a tiny child it just signified infinite sadness.
So did Jesus on the cross. My grandma gave me a crucifix when I was five, but my mom wasn't religious and as a matter of fact, forbade my grandma, my fathers mom, to take me to church and give me things like that.

So I hid it under my pillow and I pried Jesus off the cross, because he seemed to suffer so very much and I simply had to do something about it.
I don't think I got the right message when it comes to religion.

So the wood center with the tacks is a tribute to sad things, sorrows, Catholicism and such.

The rest of the piece is more playful in a sweetly macabre fashion.
There is a fat little bat, washers, onyx cabochons, midnight shade dichroic cabochons.

Eventually the piece took a left hand turn and became it's own thing, and now more then anything, it reminds me of Mad Max and such...
Paul says it's very metal. Heavy Metal that is.
I don't know what to think of it.
It was fun to make it.

By the way, thank you for your kind comments regarding Sammy's butt. She is feeling much better.

Hopefully there will be more entries, but until then...

well, until then, here are some pictures of our mini vacation. We traveled through the Rocky Mountain National Park, but dogs aren't allowed to hike there. Stayed in a cottage in Grand Lake, then went through Winter Park, where I found some humongous boletes,(Boletus Edulis) also known as ceps, or porcini, second only to truffles when it comes to cost, and second to none when it comes to taste.

Also to my greatest surprise, I found a lone Fly Agaric.(Amanita Muscaria) Surely you are familiar with this mushroom, it is the only mushroom most people can recognize, from story books mostly.

Red cap with white polka dots.

Funny thing is, it is not supposed to grow in the US, at least not the red variety, when found, they are usually yellow. This is a psychoactive mushroom that contains muscimol, and it is said, that it's the same as Soma, an energizing elixir, that the Rigveda talks about.

Where I grew up in Hungary we had these growing all over the woods. I always knew they were poisonous and I am not much for getting high, so I left the Amanita for the flies, and took home my two beautiful porcinis.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Next entry from Therese Frank

I can't stop oohing and aahing over this necklace by Therese. How inventive, how unusual!

She used copper washers and a decorative chain she found at her local hardware store in Montgomery, Alabama. This piece has a distinctly medieval feel to it that I just love.
The design is clean and elegant, but with the chunky chain it turns into something that looks like it has been just discovered in a shipwreck, off the coast of Key West on a sunken Spanish galleon.
Can You guys see that too?

Therese has a wonderful blog, where you can see more of her imaginative designs.
Her writing style is captivating and she has the best scoops on beady give aways. That's how she ended up winning fellow blogger, Andrew Thorton's bead giveaway.
The purple beads in her necklace are from that pile of wonderful beady goodies.

Therese is a lady of many talents: she paints, quilts, crochets, makes clothes, does cross stitch, and" a few other things":)) A woman after my own heart.

Therese, please leave me a comment with your suggestion for next month's challenge theme.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So the deadline isn't here yet, but the entries are coming in....

... And I thought I should feature them based on the order I receive them. First we have two lovely bracelets from Donna Dombrowski Nowaczyk Hopkins, my fellow Coloradoan. She lives in Lakewood, not far from me and she found me via the Etsy Beadweavers Team. How neat is that?

Donna has been beading for ten years now, you can find many of her pieces on Facebook. She does all sorts of bead work, even bead embroidery, which is needless to say, closest to my heart. She is a member of the Rocky Mountain Bead Society, and she sells some of her pieces. She has done every kind of beading known to human kind, and her Facebook pictures are a good representation of her extensive body of work.

What I love about her two bracelets is that they are simple, yet the designs speak for themselves. The colors are very well chosen, the elements fit together neatly, and the bracelets are meant to be worn, they look very comfortable.

Donna's pictures on Facebook can be viewed by everyone, so please stop by and check out her work if you have a moment.

Dear Donna, by participating in my challenge you will get to take part in choosing next month's theme. Leave a comment for me with your favorite idea, and at the end of this challenge, I will put up a poll and we'll vote on it.
Thank You so much for your participation.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heartwood Harware necklace, here we go....

..... Just a teentsy peak. I was off for two days so I got to finish my challenge piece. Don't worry if your's isn't done yet ,and don't worry if it's not as big as this one. This is just one picture of Sammy wearing the new piece, on the 20th there will be more of this, and more of everyone else's who decided to participate. Then all the participants will submit ideas for next month, my only criteria is that you guys keep it original and possibly weird, and I shall put up a poll and we'll all vote on it, how about that?

Ps:Please send some healing thoughts or prayers or whatever you got towards the beastie child, she is battling a mean anal gland abscess. She still wiggles, swims, eats and fishes as usual,but it's pretty hard for her to sit at the moment. It took a whole handful of treats to coerce her into modeling...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sneaky peeky of hardware challenge

After dropping forty bucks at McGuckin's (World's greatest hardware store, ok maybe Boulder's greatest hardware store), I raided my bead chest and pulled out all sorts of goodies that I will be using for this piece. And figured I might as well take a picture, so All You Beady Ladies can see whats brewing here. The secret ingredient in this necklace is kitty cat. Butters the terrorist managed to get into my photo shoot, into my shadow box - picture taking tent thingy, and soon after decided to kick things out of the box. He is an accomplished football player (soccer , that is the real football as far as I am concerned, although I don't really care for any team sports), so I had to get Paul to escort him to the closet where he was locked up for a bit.

He really can't help it, the box brings out his nesting instincts...
The Buttersless picture shows the general color scheme and materials. Lots of copper dingers.

A very kind and gentle lady helped me find "aesthetically pleasing small copper thingies" at the hardware store.( I thought of You, Jessie,) I wonder how often do ditsy looking blondes go to hardware stores and ask for such... It is my intention to go back with the finished piece and show her that her efforts were not in vain.

I am planning to use various black cabochons, a small doll eyeball, lots of silver, grey and some orangey seed beads, pearls, some crystals and what not. If any of you started working on your pieces yet, you could send me some pics too ,and I can post your sneak peaks here too.
I might not use all the things featured here, and might even use some that didn't make it into this picture, but this is the beginning of it.

To my greatest delight, a lovely beady lady, Donna contacted me with some pictures of two really neat bracelets with hardware store goodies. She made them a while ago, but since it fits the challenge perfectly, and I really don't have any rules and this challenge is all inclusive, we'll definitely include her work here two.

This is so exciting!