Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Battle of the Beadsmith

 The battle of our time has begun...It's as epic as Lord of the Rings, and as funny as
 Monty Python .
If you are not familiar with what the event  I will explain:
Steven Weiss of the Beadsmith company, had this wonderful idea of organizing an event where bead artists from all across the globe will make  masterpieces, which will be measured against one another in different rounds.

One piece to rule them all.

The event starts with 80 people, who are paired up in 40 pairs, and  after the first round only 40 remains, then 20 , then 10 and so on. There is one winner only,  but when it comes down to it, it's wonderful exposure for all 80 of us, and it's a whole lot of fun in the process.

Here is a link to the Facebook page for this group, it's open to everyone to join. The spots for the artists are filled for this first event (there will be more in the future), but you are all welcome to join, and comment and participate in discussion,  the best part is to see all the amazing work by the artists in the group.

No one is supposed to share pictures of what they are working on for the competition, until the reveal day in July. But we are allowed to share ideas and inspirations. My inspiration is this:
Samantha Regina, also known as Sammy Ding Dong fishing in her favorite pond.
 The pond is full of sunfish, but ideally, if I ever had the money, I would provide Sammy with her own goldfish pond.
 ( And a trampoline. She was born into a family of boxers with a trampoline in the backyard,  and they were not afraid to use it.)
  She would not hurt the goldfish of course...In case you are wondering, she never caught a fish, ever.

 She swims around with the fish, and occasionally pounces on them, which is a completely unsuccessful method of catching fish. Thank goodness I don't depend on my dog's fishing capabilities for sustenance.

Anyhow, Sam, who is completely adhd at other times, could spend ours in solitude when it comes to fishing, with the focus of  a chess player, looking at the fishies and swimming around with them.
One time, they nibbled on her tail nub, and she made a little yipp sound and was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events, but usually this is her time for just enjoying herself.

So the piece I am working on will be dedicated to her and her fishing habit.
It's going to be big and awesome.
Of course she will model it...

I think I forgot to blog about winning the Etsy Beadweavers May Challenge with the Octopus necklace. I think I might have bore everyone to sleep with my recent ventures into octophilia, so no more pictures of the winning piece, but here is a link to the Etsy Beadweavers blog that has all that info, plus my choice of theme for the next challenge.
(The winner gets to chose the next theme. I chose the color of the year 2012, Tangerine Tango.)

Also, I am letting everyone know what I am going to feature different bead artist here on my blog. There will be unusual interviews and cool tidbits. Working on my first feature, and all I can say, the first artists is someone you all probably know....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seasons, Pearls And The Canine Philosopher

 Paul left his book after his nap yesterday on the bed, and Sammy fell asleep next to it. I just wanted to take a picture of the two together, when she suddenly awoke and gave me this look, that was very much like as if she just put Hegel down to look up at me for interrupting her reading pleasure. I thought it was super cute.
 This was my undertaking for the week: to complete another season. There are things here I like, the colors came together really nicely, the textures are great, and I wanted to achieve an effect when you look at this piece from afar and close to look really different. Like an impressionist painting.
 I think all that happened. Look at it closely, and it's an almost geometric pattern of chaos.
 Look at it afar, and it adds up into a landscape. What I also discovered with these cuffs, is that while I do have a specific place in mind, (one back in the woods surrounding the town I grew up) when I make them, people have different places in mind, probably other woodland scenes that remind them of happy times in their lives.
It's almost like a Rorschach test.It let's your mind make it into your happy place.
Now the part I don't like is that I did not leave leafs on the trees. So there will be more fall cuffs. This is therefore late fall ,and there will be an early fall. There might be other varieties of fall as well , it is my favorite season after all....
 Here is the outcome of a brainstorming session today. How can I make bead embroidery light, accessible, fun and wearable for people who might not like my other stuff? Think of this as Kinga Light.
Like Coors Light sans alcohol.
 What if the background is just as important as the foreground?  I just used super soft sheepskin, pearls is different sizes and shapes, an organic pattern of metal seed beads (contribution of the Beadsmith company)to tie it all together, and ta-daa, there it was.
I am liking this quite a bit. I think I will work on this idea a bit more in the upcoming weeks.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rattlesnakes and Predators...

 Paul, Sammy and I went hiking yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day, and this rattlesnake must have thought so too, as he was sunbathing right in the middle of the trail. I am glad we did not step on him. Got to take some nice pictures though, and I poked him too, just to see if it really does rattle. It did. No worries, I was far enough, and no one got hurt. Snake is ok too.
 Here  are some more serene pictures. Sammy taking a well deserved brake in a little swimming hole.
Then a close up of a fern. Not sure what kind, but I loved the textures. It's nice to have this new camera, there is so much to experiment with. I am still far from understanding much about it, but I learn every day.
Here is a picture of Paul with lilacs. I really liked the angle here, and the colors are really vivid too. 

 And finally, I give you Lemon Drop Predator.
The focal is an ox bone carving in the shape of the movie monster, the Predator.
It was my Christmas present ( I asked for it, in case you were wondering), and I wanted to make a cuff with it, for myself.
 Since this piece only has to please me, I thought I would let my macabre sense of beauty loose, and indulge in as many glass eyes as I can fit. The pearls have an interesting quality to them on this piece, because they are all different sizes, so they kind of look like eggs.
I wanted the main color scheme to be bone white, grey and yellow. I think the yellow rivolis add a playful element to the demure Predator.
I decided a while back that once in a while I make a piece for me too, something that I enjoy wearing.
This is definitely  going to be a fun piece to show off.