Saturday, October 12, 2013

On Bitching and Monaning and Chugging Along... And kits?

You know the feeling of procrastinating so bad that you just accidentally did all your chores, even the ones you did not manage to accomplish for the last three months, but there is a bigger evil looming over your head- like a little black cloud- and you will do ANYTHING to avoid dealing with it, including scrubbing base boards, hunting dust bunnies under the fridge, taking the dog on 10 walks a day on your day off, and all this so you can say, I have been so busy and productive I simply could not manage to do "so and so".

Congratulations, and welcome to the club partner, you are a procrastinator.
The best part is, if you are like me, you will not only accomplish enough chores to shame a small pack of cobbler brownies, but you will then beat your chest and proclaim that you have done all you could, yet there was just not enough time for "so and so".
And let's just be clear: just because you are productive in other areas of your life, you still are a procrastinator.
Now that the toilet bowl is clean enough to eat from, the fridge, the spice cabinet and the dog wardrobe is color coded, and there is no dust left on the books organized by the dewy decimal system, perhaps it's time to give yourself good advice just like Alice does in Wonderland, and say:
I am ready to tackle this monster of a chore.
In my case the certain "so and so" and "monster of a chore" is writing instructions for kits.

 I can give your a hundred reasons why I really don't want to do it, how it does not make any sense to me, who would want it anyways and why god, WHY????
But  it's part of the process. I will get better at it, and it's not that bad really, once I sit down and realize that the average kit and instructions will take me about 45-60 hours to produce, so I better get on it, the faster the better.
So far I have succeeded in making a kit for a singular fishie necklace based on my finalist Bead Dreams Entry called New School ( that one featured 18 of these rascals).  

I realize I have not blogged  about  my Bead Dreams finalist yet. I am still working up the chutzpah for that one...

But I have Singularity in my Etsy store. Let me just say all my furchildren endorse this product and strongly suggest that you consider it as a gift option for the holidays. (Comes with the disclaimer from Butters, that as a food source it is completely inferior to real sardines.)

I also managed to crank out a limited set of kits for Monster Mash or the One Eyed Furry Monster if you prefer. The kit includes squirrel fur in the most enticing shade of royal purple and a beautiful acrylic vintage Japanese eyeball to match the fur.
If it was not causing me mental itch and severe procrastinitis to make more kits, there would be more by now. On a brighter note, there will be more as  soon as I kick myself in the butt so I can chug along and write the directions for it. Expect a kit for earrings and one for a very neat stacked boro glass ring with a wee bit of bead embroidery.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On Catacomb Saints, Altruism and Tardiness

 Hello Dear Readers! I bet you thought I fell of the face of the planet, when in fact I just have been battling another bout of writers' constipation. 

I don't know why, but I keep on procrastinating. Every time I think it's time to write a blog post, I clean the apartment instead.Having fur babies who make sure I always have enough to clean, it's not like I have an excessively clean apartment to remind me of my failure as a blog writer...

 But enough of my sorry excuses, let's just start in the middle, since there is so much I have not told you about, I might as well start somewhere.
 Without further ado, I give you Golden Legion. It's called that because it is many. Not that it's all evil and demon ridden. I choose to write about this bracelet today because it has a special story:
 A wonderful lady asked me to make a bracelet for her. But, there is something that sets this commission apart from others. The budget was higher then any other bracelet I made, and all she said was to make anything I want, she loves my style and gives me free reign on what I want to do.
I can do that.

 And eventually I did! I used 24 carat gold plated size 15 Miyukis mostly, and all the most precious things I had around. I have a few more bumble bee jaspers, and I used one.
 A whole lot of eyeballs, and for those who are interested where those came from the colorful ones are Matthew Nix's creations, ( click on his name for his Etsy store).
 It just so happens that a few weeks before I began working on this piece, the same lady shared an article with me about a book called Heavenly Bodies.

The book is a detailed account of the rise and fall of the veneration of heavily decorated skeletons- the catacomb saints- by the Roman Catholic Church. If you are into macabre stuff and  European history, it's a book I highly recommend. The pictures are wonderful and the writing is fascinating.
As I was working away on the bracelet, the imagery has sneaked into the piece.
But it also made me wonder about the nature of altruism, because I do consider that commission as an active act of altruism.

 In my opinion, there is nothing more selfish, soul satisfying and wonderful as doing something truly good for someone else, because I can. Something random and wonderful, like say, here is twice as much as I should give you, make me something awesome. 
Because when you do that, good things come from it, and the kindness goes on and on.
It made me feel like my work is appreciated and loved, and it inspired me for an act of altruism of my own, where I offered three of my older necklaces up for auction for a good cause.
And it made a difference for the person who's benefit it was for, and for the people who got some nice jewelry, and  in turn they were able to help out too.
So let random acts of kindness inspire you to give and share, and give out free hugs today, because what comes around, goes around. Be kind, because it's good to help, but also because it feels so darn good while at it.