Monday, May 17, 2010

Why do we live in Colorado?

That's exactly why.

And what has Samantha Regina been doing?...

Well, she has been swimming for one. Then she also honed her mean fetching and running away skills. played with pals, went to daycare, ate her healthy raw Cornish game hens with great gusto and jumped into the creek and got muddy as many times as caninely possible. Here are some new pics. Swimmy time, giving new meaning to the term snug as a bug and the portrait of a young canine lady. Enjoy.

We are back!

After a few weeks of taking it easy , I started beading again. It is a really frustrating fact, that I haven't sold a piece yet. So , I figured I should make some smaller necklaces. I contemplated this matter for quite a while: How to make smaller necklaces that don't take me for weeks to complete without any artistic compromise? It was my Grandma's idea to scale down a bit after I sent her pictures of my work. Ever so practical , she told me that I make beautiful things, but they aren't really for everyday wear and so it will be hard to sell them. This got me fuming for a second, thinking that I am NOT going to compromise when it comes to my artwork. Then I thought and thought for days and rethought my approach to the subject. Why does it have to be a compromise? I am never going to make the same thing by the dozen, as a matter of fact, I refuse to make anything twice, BUT if I keep the spirit of my work , I can downsize, and make some cool, smaller necklaces for everyday wear, and maybe some other accessories as well. I don't ever wear earrings, and so I don't make earrings. Pretty silly, I got to think about this,and now I shall make some earrings soon. Well, here are four new offerings, all smaller all still pretty far out there.....