Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year, New Rings

 I hope You All had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did. Paul and I had one day off, the 25th together and we spent it organizing our apartment. This is a very decadent and luxurious activity for us, because normally we both have many better things to do and no time for such. So we just hung out, ate tasty Christmas food and got some long overdue organizing done.

Thanks to that, I now have more space to live in and bead on.
 What I did not do for a couple of days was beading. So all these little goodies were mostly finished before Christmas.
 I just did not have the time to take pictures of them and list them on Etsy till last night.
 Aren't they fun? And such an easy way to use stone/glass orphans.

You know, the one that's left behind after a project, that you just don't know what to do with?
Make a ring!
 They all have their own little ringy personalities. This is Galaxia , like Woody Harrelson's  character from Anger Management. Such a funny movie, and he made me laugh so hard!
Of course the boro glass in the movie looks like a tiny galaxy, but it's a lot more fun to call it Galaxia.
 Then  this little lucite centered piece reminded me of my bridal bouquet that I made with green chrysanthemums and green spider mums.
 This one is all about ice.
 I think it was about this point in the photo shoot that I realized that my hands are not only dry and full of ever present weird cuts and scrapes ( I swear I got some fairy with a tiny sword cutting me up every night, because I have no idea how these even get there), but my fingers are crooked too. (That, I can't blame on the Little People. They were always crooked.)
 I guess I could use a hand model. If only Samantha did not have webbed feet, her precious brown fingers would look very good with rings on. She has got the longest, most beautifulest wonderfulest doggie toes.
This above piece is named after the Mourning Dove. It does not make a peep, but it's a lovely shade of soft grey.
Then of course here is something very pink.Very, very pink.
Kind of fun isn't it?
Since I have ran out  ring blanks now I am off to something different.
It's about time to start my challenge entry for my own challenge, "Illuminated by Candle Light".
Just a reminder if you feel like participating, make anything, send me two pictures of it by Jan 17th (my birthday) and I will post the entries right here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snow White Cuff

         Butters in the drawer where I keep my jewelry. Sitting on top of my Preciouses....

Here is something I just finished: Snow White. Another bracelet. I have been only making bracelets for a while, but it's what I feel like doing at the moment....

Yesterday I went to my favorite bead store, Arvada Bead Connection , and I got the little red beads that I used for the brick stitch (on the edges of the cuff, all around) from my friend BJ there. That was a present from him, and he told me the color of them reminded him of ruby slippers. They have a wonderful shimmer to them, a little bit like a candy cane. The sizes are a little uneven, but I just love the way they look. Can't  wait to show this piece to BJ. The little red bicones and white hexes came from his store too.  Best bead store ever!

The milky white resin flowers are a new addition to my bead stash. I have other colors too, and they are fun to use. I initially planned to use them  in the Winter Solitude bracelet , but they were too big for that. They                          worked just fine with this piece.
                Her skin was white as snow, her lips were red as blood and her hair black like ebony...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Solitude bracelet

In many ways this bracelet is autobiographical. There was a winter a long time ago, when my family fell apart, and since I was the oldest child in the family, a teen at the time, I had to gather and chop firewood, so we wouldn't freeze .
You might think that was horrible, but it really isn't so.

I ended up spending a lot of time in the woods that winter, and there was a particular grove that I walked by a lot, one this bracelet is modeled after.

In the summer this small grove had a semi permanent miniature pond at it's feet, full of frogs and birds and life, and in the winter it froze up. The trees were standing there ,so exposed ,so dark, and at their feet all their summer garb froze into ice, one with the water and rocks... The background for the scenery was Central Europe's largest highland, covered in the thick winter coat of fog, impenetrable, beautiful, all accepting, like a blanket that covered my world.

Just like my solitary winter world, this bracelet only has three colors: black white and gray. One might argue, that white includes all the colors, black is the absence of them, and gray doesn't even exist, but really, that's all there is.

The texture however, gives a lot more to talk about. I used about 20-30 different kind of beads to create a pattern that matches the theme, a pattern that to me, gives back the feel of the icy peaceful solitude. Almost as if I broke the image down into it's components and put it back together and it's translated into how I see the world. Just random shapes that add up to a pleasing whole...

See, winter wonderland can be just serene, peace comes from where you find it....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Come and vote for your favorite!

Hello everyone. I have participated in the Beads East Challenge this year.So did my friend, Sharayah.
All the entries are great, and there will be a
People's Choice Award with a gift certificate to go along.

If you have some time and you feel like going through some fun stuff, go and vote for your favorite right here.

Everyone had the same beads to work with, so the best part for me, as a participant, is tso see what others did with theirs.
It was such a fun project!

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Bracelets, Another Baggie

Here is the outcome of a busy two weeks. Technically, the baggie has been sitting around for a while, I just didn't take pictures of it till now, but the bracelets are spanking new. If I only didn't have to work as much as I do, imagine how much more I could work on things like these...
Van Gogh painted a picture a day. I wonder what would that equal to in bead embroidery. If only there was an equation from paint stroke to stitches, I could set some unrealistic expectations for myself.
Anyhow... This is Very Purple.
I am running out of creative names for bracelets, I guess. She (no question that this bracelet is a girl, so SHE) is a very frilly golden purpley , three part Arabian Nights like, funky pretty thing, as asymmetrical as any bracelet can get, when it comes to patterns.
She is centered around an ammonite cabochon, almost as if she was contemplating her epicenter, her belly button, the beginning of beginnings, deep in thought.
Segmented bracelet designs are not the easiest to bring to life, because they don't always want to lay right. It's a challenge every time, but I think I pulled it off.
The components of the two sides contain pretty much the same assortment of beads, but because of the position of the long pearls, one side appears to be shorter. I can assure you it's the same length, but consider this bracelet as something of an optical illusion.
Well, it was fun making her.

But not as much fun as this loveliness!
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you The Darkness Within.
The Darkness Within is my own. My Prrrrecioussssss!
(Gollum, Gollum!)
Yes, a tribute to my dark side.
Recently I have been thinking about how I usually end up selling all the things I make except for some early duds that aren't on par with my newer work.
What a shame, right? I wanted to make something that only has to please me , and no one else, but me.
Something that I can wear till it falls apart. (That's going to be a really long time. God Bless Fire Line!)
Something that speaks to me.
Eyeballs came to mind instantly. Taxidermy eyeballs. I believe that this one was meant for a much less fortunate dead bass.
The very substantial cabochon is a bumble bee jasper. Comes from Indonesia, and found nowhere else.It's patterns are captivating with the vivid sulfur oranges and yellows.
It's not exactly a jasper, because it's softer and it's rather hard to track down.
But boy, it's worth it! It's my new favorite stone.
So I have been sleeping with my new bracelet on.
But since I have more of this lovely stone, count on similar things appearing here and at my Etsy store soon.