Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring And Bunnies Shall Follow Winter And A Poor Doped Up Pup

 I decided to take a well deserved break from my bead desk and my computer. I have succeeded for a whole week. Meanwhile, I redesigned our living room, got new shelves and a new computer desk and plants I named in the hope that this way I won't forget to water them, and finished three sculptures for my wall.

I can't not do something.
Staying put is simply not an option...
And when my day off rolled around, I just decided to finish my Spring Cuff that I sat aside last week.
 This whole obsession started with the winter solitude cuff that has been so successful that I had to remake it. By the time I finished the second one, my heart was left in the woods, and had to make a spring version of it.
Here is is.

And there were bunnies.

Tiny glass bunny cabochons I scored on Etsy.  I carefully hid the bunnies in the fresh grass among the purple beads that symbolize violets. But if you look close, there they are, four bunnies all together.
 An added reason for  taking a shorty break was that I was expecting my very first, very own labels . They eventually got here, but were not the right color, I wanted them crimson with a frog on them. The frog was there ,but they were white. I was desperate to label this cuff and so I just used a sharpie to color the label. I admit, the color is closer to fuchsia then crimson, but it's a step in the right direction, and the next batch will feature fat little toadies on a crimson back ground.
 The wonderful clasp I used here is one of the Beadsmith's new collection called Elegant Elements. So easy to use, has the right feel, right weight to it, I definitely recommend these, they are worth the extra buck.
 Poor Samantha Regina after her early morning swimming session has encountered a yellow jacket. I noticed it right away, as she was pawing at the little insect and trying to bite it, but I had no idea if she was stung or not. Normally Sammy makes a baby crying sound when in pain, but this time she  did not make a peep. I wanted be on the safe side, as boxers are usually allergic to insect bites, and administered a properly large dose of Benadryl.
So here we have the canine super model all sprawled out on the couch, snoring for three hours. When she woke up she was upset that she missed out on so much wiggling, so Paul and I took her to the her swimming hole again.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bioluminescent Spring Bracelet and Hot Chocolate

 I can't seem to be able to snap out of this bracelet  phase, where no other kind of jewelry seems even remotely as seductive as wrist adornments.
Perhaps the reason is that  bracelets are more introverted then necklaces.
When we wear necklaces, we know they are beautiful, they might even feel good, but we are ultimately denied the pleasure of looking at them all day.
So necklaces, and following the same logic, earrings are for others, to be exhibited and flaunted, but ultimately for the pleasure of the viewer rather then the wearer.
And that has it's place.

As a matter of fact, I am planning to finish up a necklace project that has been stalling for a year now, and it's going to be quite different ....

 But for now, I am still in love with bracelets.
You can look at them all day. As your hands and arms are the bridges between you and the world, bracelets are a well balanced sort of jewelry too, where the wearer gets to bask in the beauty of the piece all day, yet in can be shared with the world, as the viewer can still admire it too.

This piece is called Bioluminescent Spring.
The Czech glass button has this truly luminescent quality, where it's color hovers between pearly purple and milky aqua, and I wanted to build a spring like world around it, light and fresh, and totally out of the box.
I found this wonderful button at Blue Marble Beads on Etsy, a wonderful treasury of vintage beading supplies, really hard to find stuff.

 I feel like whenever I plan something as asymmetrical as this piece, the elements of it and the "weight of the pattern" has to be well balanced.I imagine colors have weight, and depending on their weight, the two sides have to be balanced without even remotely resembling one another.
 There needs to be negative space too, because  with such a big bracelet it does not hurt if it has an airy quality to it, so it doesn't feel like it's taking over your personal space.
I wanted to have circles, kind of like how the early light breaks on a pool of spring water, and I wanted texture. These big chunky pearls really added to the feeling of some sort of buds on the surface of  that water. Or  just budding flowers anyways.
 The lining is embossed metallic light blue sheepskin. I like using metallic leathers, they add a unique touch. The claps is just a simple copper tube clasp, super durable, nothing fancy but all the more functional.
Then last but not least there is hot chocolate, because in Boulder the weather can't make up it's mind if it's ready for spring or not, and we have a beautiful sunny day or two, only to find the car sheathed in ice the next day, and that's when I bring out the hot chocolate  and whip up some cream to top it with.
As long as there is a bit of winter left, I find an excuse so indulge in such.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One more Winter Solitude bracelet, and a timely spring cleaning effort

 A lovely lady contacted me on Etsy a couple weeks back asking me to re-create Winter Solitude for her.
Since it's one of my favorite bracelets, I was excited to say yes .
 Of course it is very similar to the original piece, but since I made it, I figured I might as well share it here.
 It's interesting how all the patterns evolve, and compared to the original side by side, they are like fraternal twins. Similar all right,but not quite the same.
 I have done some spring cleaning and remodeling in my cyber space, and so this blog looks quite a bit different. I am hoping it's more modern, more easy to see through, and I added some cool features like galleries in the upper left corner, where the curious visitor can look through my jewelry by categories instead of having to read through old posts.

 Also, I have changed the name of the blog.
 I don't know if you guys remember, but my first Etsy store was called White Rabbit, and so the blog for the longest time was named whiterabbitjewelry.
Finally I figured out a way to change that too, but now all the links to it stopped working...
Today I tried to leave my new address on as many friends' blogs as I could, but of course that was a Sisyphean undertaking, and I am afraid that my blog buddies won't be able to find my new blog.

We shall see what happens.

I hope I still have some readers left.

And since I am a space cadet, I forgot if I mentioned about my first interview with BeadsPerles.

Please leave me some comments on how you are liking the new format if you have a chance.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Mine.... A very blingy bracelet

 It's time again for the Etsy Beadweaver's challenge as March is rolling around.
This month the theme is "Destinations". Most of my fellow team members went with real places like Peru or  sandy beaches, or the magical East.

And they are all awesome.

It's just that I don't do reality too well.

 I do imagination well.

 "My Mine" is based on my fascination with the mine of the seven dwarves in Snow White.
While I am usually not very happy with over simplified Disney versions of fairy tales, when it comes to Snow White, I always loved the movie.  Maybe because it was the first full lenght feature, with more depth to it then many that followed... Who knows. I have soft spot for Snow White.

Especially when Snow White is running away from home, through the woods full of mean trees. That is truly inspiring to me
(Yupp, I am truly, painfully weird .)

Then the mine where the dwarfs go to work... With all the gems known to humankind in one mine, with a bunch of subterranean happy workers, free of lung disease , all happy , no worries, singing their happy "heigh ho" song... 
That got me wishing for such a place to exist, if only in my dreams, for as long as I can remember.Especially because I came from what used to be a mining town, and I understood even at a young age that the images portrayed in the movie were as far from reality as they could possibly be.
But it was so dreamy.

Finally  I decided to use the ginormous Swarovski stone that my friend Marsha gave me months ago, and I  knew what that stone reminded me of, and it was that mine of course.
 Cold shimmery stone walls, symbolized by the matte zinc colored metal seed beads, with great textures in an asymmetric pattern that manages to be balanced without being repeated, that was my aim with this one.

Who knows if it really succeeded, but it sure makes me happy. And while this bracelet has already found a home, it is hard to let it go, and I promised myself to remake it for me.

So  much bling, so little time.

If you have a chance, pop by between the 9th and 15 of March to cast a vote for your favorite entry. There are some awesome pieces this month. Here is the link for the Etsy Beadweaves Guild.