Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just some more rings for good measure, and how about a give away?

 I figured it was time again to make some more rings. People seem to like them.
I like them. Even Sammy seems to like them.
 So here they are, the fruits of two evenings' labor. Shiny cool stuff.
Compared to bracelets and anything else, rings are easy and don't take too long.
 They are fun from every angle, fit everyone, and just the perfect way to use the random little scraps of leather and bead/cabochon orphans.
 Sammy is definitely very satisfied with them.
 But You know what happens when one gets too comfy, a bit bored and one doesn't pay enough attention?
Mistakes happen. Like gluing on the front of the ring slightly off kilter. What a shame, because those shiny little seed beads are awesome little 24 carat gold plated metal seed beads  that I got  for free from the Bead Smith to make jewelry with, so they can use the pictures. The gold stone cab is pretty neat too.
Say, do you have it in your heart to give this little misfit a good home?
If you do, just drop me a comment and tomorrow night, if there is more then one, I randomly pick one and send this ring on it's way...
Warning: not for the OCD beady person. (Like me. It would drive me nuts to look at my mistake on my finger all day...)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gothic Cathedral Bracelet

 What do Gothic Cathedrals have to do with eyeballs you may ask.
Well, a lot. I can tell you this, because I spent my childhood dragged into such places all across the Old World by my Grandma, who graciously took me on pilgrimages with her church group.
 Such trips involved sitting on buses for days heading towards Italy, Germany  and Belgium among other places, while listening to the old ladies take their turn by the driver's microphone, singing such classics as "The Lamb of God" at full volume, while our destinations were the holiest places in the whole of Christiandom.
I , unfortunately for my Grandma,have been religiously challenged from an early age,and though my heart does not have a God shaped hole in it, I have been captivated by the beauty of such places as long as I can remember.
 The artwork is fascinating, and so I have set through masses, even the ordination of a bishop, a truly exclusive event in Saint Patrick's in NYC, when my grandma came to visit me while I lived in New York a few years back...
 I have  always been fascinated by the art, the sculptures, the murals,  the rituals,and the austere atmosphere, and couldn't help but think of all the people who came before me, as far back as the Middle Ages, (except for of course in the case of Saint Patty's), who felt so minuscule, so insignificant in the presence of such grandness, in the presence of a God that was watching them from high above.
And don't be mistaken, in a cathedral, there are hundreds of Saints, the Virgin and the Holy Trinity ever so watchful looking down at you.
So that' where the eyeballs come from. The pattern, well, the pattern is as usual, it's just what's in my head. 
I just happened to be thinking about Gothic Cathedrals while I was making this bracelet, and then all the sudden there was more and more purple, visions of rosette windows and stained glass....

It was fun, and right after I listed it on Etsy, it sold. Bye bye Cathedral.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oceanic Garden Bracelet

 I can't seem to catch up with things here: I finished this piece last night, posted it on Etsy,  then Facebook,and then I went to bed, thinking I will just blog about it n a couple days, I have time.
Especially because the the bracelet was made for the March "Destinations" challenge of the Etsy Beadweavers, and let's just say that's still a long way ahead.

 Well ,that was last night, and this morning this piece was sold. So I guess I will make something else for that challenge, until then I am doing my happy happy dance as I send this and the Golden Age bracelet to their lovely new owners, may she enjoy them for a really long time.
 This piece is pretty special. The focal came from Kritsti Bowman's Etsy store. She makes wonderful PMC creations, no matter what kind of jewelry you make, you WILL indeed want some of these. Or if you aren't making anything, then you will want her own creations, like the awesome earrings she makes with her components. Kristi also writes a great blog:http://dreamsomedesigns.blogspot.com/2012/01/oceanic-garden-bracelet.html
 Then to the left of the center, the ceramic cabochon came from Lisa Stevens' Etsy store, she is a sculptor and animator, the lady behind such classics as Chicken Run and Wallace and Grommit-Curse of the Wererabbit. Her work is a must see .
 Then I was doing some more experiments with the background, I think I like the green best in this case.
 I really wanted this bracelet to be all about texture, and I named it Oceanic Garden after some thinking.
 It reminded me of the Little Mermaid's underwater garden. Not in the Disney movies, but in the real Hans Christian Andersen story, where, like all her sisters she has her own garden on the seafloor.
I am  very happy that this piece sold so very fast, but I will miss it a little.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nesting Owl Bracelet

 Here is my entry for the Etsy Beadweavers February challenge, where the theme this month is "Nesting".
Please visit the team's blog between the 9th and 15th on February to cast a vote for your favorite entry.
 I used Rebekah Payne's Sleepy Little Owl bead for the focal. Isn't this little owl the cutest thing ever?
Rebekah has a wonderful Etsy store called TreeWingsStudio. She makes all sorts of sleepy critters and many other wonderful clay  things. She also keeps a great blog too:http://www.treewingsstudio.com/
Her mini sculpted animals are just so very sweet and unusual.

I know after playing around with the little owl, I want more Rebekah originals. Can't wait to make some more of these cutie cuffs.
I have also been trying to take better pictures, not an easy task, given the lack of serious apparatus. 
But by getting some new background in the form of poster boards in different colors, I feel like I am getting somewhere. I like the soft glow that the green paper gave this cuff.
 Here is a side view. See, the owl is sitting in the hollow of the tree, and around her is the trunk, and then branches with leaves and foliage. This is the branch part.
 Then the back. My beading life has been  revolutionized by metallic lambskin.Very expensive, but it adds that special touch that makes the whole piece so neat.
And a last shot, of the design stretched out before I glued it onto the cuff. That's what I don't like about cuffs. You just don't get this kind of panoramic view... But still, I am happy with the outcome.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two more entries to my blog challenge, Illuminated by Candlelight

 The first piece, this beautiful bracelet is the work of Therese Frank, fellow beady blogger and good friend.
She made me an earring for Christmas and that't on her blog too!
 I will let her describe her work here:

"I found the stones in a gem and mineral show in my town back in Nov. and I knew I was going to use them in a cuff. The center stone which I am not sure , but I think it may be quartz, portrays a candle. I used yellow and orange Czech fire polished crystals for the flame. The side black gold stones are what the candle is illuminating, I love the sparkle of gold flecks in the stone. The three different colors of pearls represents the light the candle is giving off the further away from the candle the darker the pearls get. I used two hook and eyes for the clasp, but I think I will change that to a slide clasp, to make it easier to get on and off."

Thank You Therese for entering all my challenges and sharing your beautiful work on my blog.
This bracelet is beautiful, classy and very elegant!

The last entry is Anna Hatvani's  Illuminata.
"This Necklace was inspired by the centerpiece orange sea sediment jasper cabochon.
I used various shapes and sizes of glass beads of Toho, Miyuki and czech faceted beads in orange black, bronze and fire opal to enhance the beauty of the gemsone cabochon. The necklace is approximately 16 ½ in. (42 cm) long, and 1 in (2,5 cm) wide. The pendant measures 3 x 1 ¼ in. (75x30 mm). Closing with a golden coloured art nouveau style clasp. Backing is black genuine leather."

The sea sediment jasper seems to come alive with the fire flames on this beautiful necklace, doesn't it?
Anna is a good friend too, and she has an etsy store and a blog.
Thank You Anna for being my friend, and entering my birthday challenge with such a beautiful piece. It comes alive it flames!

I think this is the end of the entries... Thank You Ladies for participating, it was so much fun to see how you interpreted Candlelight, and the best thing to me was that we all made things very different from one another, and yet they all fit the theme so perfectly.
Thank You All again.
I am off to eat cake now:))

Monday, January 16, 2012

Illuminated by Candlelight Challenge - Sharayah Sheldon

 Here is one more entry for the challenge, by Sharayah Sheldon of 4uidzne.etsy.com
And her description of her work :
"Light eases the fear of darkness. People often use candles, flashlights flames for guidance through many dark and often scary places. We too can be a light in the world.

Now this piece will glimmer even in the dark with the multitude of Swarovski crystals and rhinestone chain. I planned this piece with dark, monochromatic blackness all about. Each side is bead embroidered separately with a brass plate inserted between the bead work and the Italian leather which backs the piece.

Once I completed each side, the two curved sections were aligned where I could stitch through the punched out holes & multiple layers of material.

The brilliant dichroic lamp work focal is suspended in the middle; allowing it to spin.

This STATEMENT piece needed no other embellishment, therefore It's attached to an elegant, luxurious choker that measures 16-20 "."

Sharayah is known for making very unusual bead embroidered pieces, this one is no exception to the rule, the black offsets the fiery red in a really intense way . What a clever way to use that lamp work bead too, I love how it spins in the center. Well, I don't know if there are more entries coming or not, but this was definitely a fun challenge, and it made me think about the quality of light. Particle and wave, and just wonderful....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Artistic collaboration with Gene Cuvier

The amazing Gene Cuvier contacted me on Etsy a while ago to see if I was interested in an artistic collaboration. 
How could I possible say no to an extremely talented young photographer, who seems to have a special setting on her camera that allows her to see right through people, to get to their core, where every picture becomes a story of something greater, a metaphor?

Of course I said yes .
She has  received her South Sea Treasure bracelet in the mail, and soon she will be using it in photo shoots, and I just can't wait to see the outcome.
Please visit her website here .

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Evi Csizmadia Lajosne's entry to my Illuminated by Candlelight challenge

 Please give a warm welcome to Evi from my country of birth, Hungary and her beautiful Candle Flame bead embroidered cuff bracelet!
Evi is a fellow team member of the Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild and also the Etsy Beadweavers Team.
 She has what it takes when it comes to bead embroidery: her color choices are bold, her compositions are well balanced, and she is very inventive.
I am so glad she decided to participate in my challenge this time. Her cuff is lovely: I love the rutilated quartz cabochon in the center, the titanium flakes that seem to be floating in that cab make the whole piece come alive with light. Then we have the warm orange tones of the Swaroski rivolis, and mellow, sweet creamy pearls and bronzes...
Evi has an etsy store,vicus.etsy.com and a blog to showcase her beaded adventures.
Evi, thank you so much for joining me for this challenge.
Koszonom Evi,hogy resztvettel a jatekban.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle

 We got snowed in! Big wonderful snowflakes dropping out of the sky, like in a fairy tale quieting the whole world, covering everything in this wonderful soft white blanket that brings peace to one's soul.
Except if you are Sammy. There is no stillness in this little furry girl. This might have been the only quiet moment this morning, she was just bouncing and snow plowing with her face.
 I got to finish my "Illuminated by Candlelight" challenge piece. I post it now, since I think there will be a few other friends joining in on this challenge, and I want to have everyone have their own post. If  you guys happen to send the entries all at once, I will post them together, but if I can, I just give you all a whole post.
 This piece was meant to be somber, dark and elegant.
Well, that just never happened with this one to say the least!

My last couple bracelets were dark and gloomy. And I love dark and gloomy. It's a big part of me, actually.
But when I sat down yesterday to add the backdrop colors to this piece, I just needed to do something uplifting, and this cuff turned into a festival of twinkly lights, and the backdrop instead of grey turned purple, blue and green, just fun.
 So we have the three candle lights spreading cheer and warm colors all over the place.
Orange dominates this concept, with a metallic super soft lambskin lining that just adds pizzazz to the composition.
 This is fun, girly, bright, loud and full of life. Garish, but classy,obnoxious but sweet, a walking paradox. Except it's not walking anywhere. Love it or hate it is what it is.
Hopefully it goes to someone who can handle this much attitude in a small package...

Update: I have just seen the first finished entry, from Evi, of muttery.blogspot.com and it's awesome!!!
So tomorrow I will post her work. This is turning into a wonderful birthday present that keeps on giving.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On Simple Pleasures

 When life handles you lemons, make lemonade right?
Well, that's what happened this week. Lots of lemons, but hey life is such, and instead of lemonade, I turned my sorrow into kombucha!
Kombucha is tasty, good for you and fun to make. Takes a long time, and you need a starter for it. Basically it's a tea fermented by a creature that looks like an embryo in a jar, but in fact, it's just a symbiotic relationship between a yeast and bacteria. This little monster gets to turn your tea into fizzy vinegary good for you yumminess, and while there is no scientific evidence that it is the panacea some people make it out to be, I personally like it quite a lot.
Of course if you listen to mainstream media, unlike diet sodas, kombucha can be quiet dangerous.
(I read an article recently, where pregnant mommies were advised that herbal teas like chamomile have unknown side effects, but artificially sweetened soft drinks are safe. I am sure everyone who developed aspartame poisoning will have a hard time deciding if they want to laugh or cry.  Way to go mainstream media!)

I did not get much beading done, still working on the Illuminated by Candle Light Challenge bracelet, and it's slowly but surely coming along. Much slower then normal, but it will be on time, no worries.
If anyone reading this is participating, shoot me an email. kinganicholsatyahoodotcom.
I will post everything by my Bday, the 17th.

 Then here is another furry cuddly picture. Too cute not to share.
And a giant stuffed Cinderella pumpkin from a while back. My friend had a bunch of Martha Stewart  magazines laying around when I visited her, and in the November issue there was a fantastic recipe for a stuffed pumpkin.I normally don't read her magazine, but I drooled over this recipe, and decided to make it, and it was really good. 
It had chestnuts and mushrooms in the stuffing, and many other wonderful things. My only complaint was that since the stuffing had broth, and the pumpkin let out a lot of of juice, it got a bit soggy. So next time I stuff a pumpkin, I will leave the bread cubes dry, and let them soak up the pumpkin juices.

Lesson of the week : simple pleasures in life are priceless, so are good friends, good food, and sometimes everyone just needs to slow down a bit, and be thankful for what they have.
I am certainly very thankful for all the love and support I got recently.
Thank You Guys!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild Winter Wonderland Challenge

Come join the celebration and view all the wonderful entries of our Winter Wonderland challenge at the 
Etsy Bead Embroidery Guild!

Here is a link to the EBEG blog.
Enjoy the beautiful pictures...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Metallista Bracelet

 Heavy Metal + Fashionista = Metallista
Does that make any sense?
 This little gem came to be due to the urge I had by having more of Steven Weiss' Metal Elements zinc color seed beads that I just had to use!  I will list a link for this  when I find out where it's being sold.
I know I can't wait to get more of this.
It's as awesome as it gets. Soft metallic tones, unlike any glass bead, nice big holes, just get your Fireline out for this one and enjoy the ride!
Paired with a Hill Tribe Silver flower and pearls it's such an interesting composition...
Ok, now I REALLY have to start working on my "Illuminated by Candlelight  Challenge".

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dragon's Garden Bracelet

 Welcome to the Dragon's Garden.  SSSSShhh!!! It's sleeping, yet somehow it is still watching you watching her....
 Steven Weiss of Bead Smith contacted me to see if I was interested in trying out his company's newest, coolest offering,  Metal Elements metal seed beads.
Of course I was.
I am the dragon that hoards Shinies...
The matte zinc size 11s and 15s were fun to use, the color is definitely more true on these metal beads then on glass beads, when it comes to this soft  metallic gunmetal.
I also got some size 15  24 carat gold plated metal seed beads from Steven  too, can't wait to think of something to use those for...
 The center cabochon is the work of Nixcreations on Etsy. He makes some really intense fantasy inspired eye cabochons. The one I used here is a human eye I think, but in purple.Anyhow, it reminded me of dragons...
 I am the lucky owner of other crazy fun eyes from this seller too, so there will be more beady eyes starring at you soon.
There are also some taxidermy eyes, heliotrope rivolis and mini dichroic cabs, mostly covered by the metal seed beads, so they look like squinty little eyes peeping out from their reptilian folds.