Monday, May 17, 2010

We are back!

After a few weeks of taking it easy , I started beading again. It is a really frustrating fact, that I haven't sold a piece yet. So , I figured I should make some smaller necklaces. I contemplated this matter for quite a while: How to make smaller necklaces that don't take me for weeks to complete without any artistic compromise? It was my Grandma's idea to scale down a bit after I sent her pictures of my work. Ever so practical , she told me that I make beautiful things, but they aren't really for everyday wear and so it will be hard to sell them. This got me fuming for a second, thinking that I am NOT going to compromise when it comes to my artwork. Then I thought and thought for days and rethought my approach to the subject. Why does it have to be a compromise? I am never going to make the same thing by the dozen, as a matter of fact, I refuse to make anything twice, BUT if I keep the spirit of my work , I can downsize, and make some cool, smaller necklaces for everyday wear, and maybe some other accessories as well. I don't ever wear earrings, and so I don't make earrings. Pretty silly, I got to think about this,and now I shall make some earrings soon. Well, here are four new offerings, all smaller all still pretty far out there.....

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