Monday, December 27, 2010

New pieces from December

I have been a busy little beaver all month. First I made this sweet little bracelet, very simple very sophisticated.
Then I made this one, that I can't even part with. Major bling factor, I love wearing it. There will surely be more like this , as I loved the color combination and had so much fun with this piece.

Then some Christmas presents for some friends. This one is for Marketa, who's name means pearl. I let her pick out the centerpiece , the ammonite for this more then a year ago, just never got around making the necklace, until now. She is all about class and splendor, I thought that the white pearls and the sand opal swarovski crystals were in tune with her style. Sle liked it.
This is Tracy's necklace, who is all about pink and cranberry and loves pearls and shiny things. The dichroic cab reminded me of a pink sea with a volcano above it. Very very Tracy. She loved her necklace too.
I made some barrettes too, I will soon post pictures of those too.

I did not win the December EBWT challenge, but it's ok. Here is the winner for You. Isn't this piece just lovely?


  1. Absolutely Beautiful work! You are so talented, Kinga. :)

  2. Oohhh.. your fingers must be tired little nubs by now. ;) Beautiful stuff. I am not really a gold person, but I can see how it would have been hard parting with that large cuff!

  3. Beautiful things here Kinga. I could not have parted with that cuff either! Great work!

  4. Absolutely stunning pieces! You are just oozing with talent!!!

  5. All beautiful! I'll bet your friends were ecstatic over their gifts!


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