Monday, June 20, 2011

Ok, so I am a frog now, but what else is changing?

Well, many things. Many things... For one, I decided that every month, right here on my bloggie, there will be a challenge, a challenge mostly for me, and hopefully, others might join in on the fun too.
Let me explain:
Marcie over at LaBellaJoya has her Margie and Me challenge, where every month she comes up with different color schemes from architecture, art, whatever inspires her and her challenges are so much fun. Also, the Etsy Beadweavers challenges are great too, but I am kind of burned out on them a bit for never winning. No ones fault really. I got second place again with the Honeybee necklace, it's pretty awesome, but I want a challenge now where everyone is a winner.

So I came up with the idea of having my own monthly challenge, where I get to pick the first theme and then if no one does the challenge with me, then I get to pick the next theme too (See, that way I always win:)) But if other artists decide to join in on the fun, then at the end of the month I post everyone else's entries right here and on Facebook too, and all who entered get to think about really creative, really inspiring ideas for next month's challenge and then we can decide together what the next month's challenge is going to be.

Worst thing that can happen is that I'm going to have some fun and come up with some outlandish ideas every month and no one joins.
Such as "Favorite Childhood Smells Beaded".
Or "Who Are You? The existentialist beadquest"
Perhaps "Home is where the heart is"
Maybe"The magical landscape of your dreams"
Or" Recycled, upcycled objects turned into jewelry"?

Well, I am not going to run out of ideas.
Today is the 20th of June.
The theme of my first challenge is
"Hardware store"
Unusual finds that have not been made into jewelry yet. Go find them, bead with them. That's all.
Email me 2 pictures of it to by next month this time ,and I will post it here promptly.

I understand this is not very climactic, not much to gain, but it could be fun, we could all be winners and did I say it would be fun?

Other changes.
There will be some giveaways coming soon to my followers. Here and on Facebook too.


  1. This sounds like a great idea. I'm in on the challenge I can all ready picture in my mind what I want to do.

  2. I work in a hardware store - how could I not join in the fun!

  3. Count me in!!! Sounds super fun :)

  4. I have a book about using found objects in jewelry, many of which come from hardware stores... by Carole Rogers, I believe. Interesting theme for your challenge! And BTW, absolutely great photo of your fur baby!!!

  5. Oh Ladies, Thank You for joining in on the fun! Jessie, You start from an advantage for sure:))
    I'm very excited to have you on board. I have a feeling we are going to make some super neat things. Finally I figures out what I want to make, now I just have to hunt down the components... Marsha, that's got to be an awesome book. I never heard of it, but now I am off to amazon to check it out:))

  6. Still plugging away at my entry piece

  7. hop this comment reaches you