Monday, July 16, 2012

Sammy's Fishies revealed

The day has come, Oh Curious Visitor to reveal the Fishies!
My intention with this piece was to create something that I have never seen any other bead embroidery artist do. I am constantly inspired by the strangest things, smells, the way insects move, the things my furkid does. In this case her fishing habit.

Never catches anything,yet  never ever gives up, just chases those fishies for fun. One day, when either her modeling carrier takes off, or I become famous and rich, she will have her own goldfish. 

Until then, this will have to do.

Well, I believe that even the most outrages design has to have balance, one beyond symmetry.
I credit my elementary school art  teacher Gyorgy Orban with everything I know about composition and balance.
An outstanding artist himself, he has been instructing children for decades on the nuances or building a pleasing composition. It is true that I have learned everything I use today from him, and he has been the greatest influence on everything I make. When in doubt, I ask myself , what would Gyuri do?
Gyuri, thank you so much for all you have done and for all you are doing every day!

In a design like this , with such heavy elements, I had to apply what I know of balance by finding a way to attach the very different, very individual fishies and make them a harmonious whole, where no element is too heavy, so you don't get a feel of the piece visually tilting one way or the other.
I tried to achieve this by attaching the fish with bubbles and balancing them so while they appear to be individual, and all different, viewed from farther away, the picture becomes unified.

I used an odd number of fishies, therefore an odd number of eyes looking back at you, and even an odd number of orange pearls for the fishies  gills and an odd number of bubbles.
Even the Swarovski crystals are odd in their numbers, although I forgot to count the teal colored pearls I used for the neck piece.
Odd numbers have a way of looking more pleasing to the eye.To me that is.

By the way: I know fishies is not grammatically correct. But Sammy and I agree that is what we call them.

Of course I could not have the muse not present her very special piece to her loving and devoted fans.
I think she looks regal. Hence her middle name Regina.
Well, this is my entry to the Battle of the Beadsmith, 2012. I have no idea how far it will go, or not go, since my opponent is the very talented Tamuna Lezhava, and unfortunately one of us have to loose.
Either way, this has been fun, and I would do it all over regardless of the outcome. It's been an honor to be paired up with her!

Thank You All for your patience and support.


  1. Stunning necklace! You ready do such original artwork! Love it!

  2. It is a stunning design ... I can not say more, I'm out of words ... !!!

  3. I'm So glad you imagined 'fishies' into this world! Oh, and that pic of Sammy fishing is Adorable!

    Tigre Silvyr

  4. Gorgeous Kinga, The necklace is amazing and your models look very beautiful with the necklace around their necks. Sammy looks so proud to be modeling her Mom's necklace.
    Congratulations on creating such an amazing piece and good luck in the competition.

  5. Ab-sol-utely ADORE this necklace. And I thought your bracelet was too dang cute!

    The necklace knocks it outta the park. Wow!

    Candys in Oklahoma

  6. Un trabajo impresionante!!!!!
    Felicidades es maravilloso verlo!!!!
    Hasta pronto

  7. Szia Kinga!
    Nagyon vártam már a te darabodadt is, sejtettem, hogy ütős lett:))) fantasztikusat alkottál, Gratuálok!!!:)))) (jópofa lenne róla egy akt sorozat is, ahol minden fekete fehér, csak a halak színesek:)))))



  8. This necklace is stunning and your models look fantastic! Good luck in the competition.

  9. Kinga this is totally amazing, i just adore your creativity x

  10. Kinga, I love how much thought you put into the composition of your design -- it really shows. It's one of the most amazing pieces I've ever seen. An original, balanced design with flawless execution. :)

    Sammy and her fishies... so cute! When I was young, my doggy-brother, Henry, used to love to go to the pond and catch frogs. When he caught them he'd carry them around in his mouth and them deposit them on the other side of the pond. And they'd hop away, looking bewildered.

    You're welcome to do a Henry's Froggies piece if the mood strikes you. It's a wee bit out of my skill range right now. ;)

  11. Wonderful jewelry!! Congratulations to you! I am a great admirer of jewelry!

  12. Congratulations Kinga on such a wonderful work.
    -Eva Maria

  13. Thanks for the story about your necklace, Kinga. I love your necklace and so do my cats, who didn't realize it was inspired by a dog! I hope you are still in touch with your former teacher so he can see how well he did! You must be one of the jewels in his crown!

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