Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some things without eyeballs....

 Now that everyone has gotten used to me making things that have at least one, possibly a lot more eyeballs, I figured it was time to challenge myself to make something without them.

The first two pictures are new pictures of old bracelets I made about a year ago. I love these guys, they are so wearable and pretty...
 The one on the left is what came of  my "do anything that does not have eyeballs" effort.

 It was also inspired by a number of things. 

My friend Patrick Duggan was working on a modern contemporary piece that he posted on Facebook. So I have been thinking about what modern contemporary is in jewelry design. Then I happened to go to my local bead store, Arvada Bead Connection where I found a gorgeous dichroic focal piece. I thought to myself: looks like modern contemporary to me!
 By the time I was done with it, it looked stuck on the verge of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. 
 A bit Gustav Klimt - like perhaps. Oh, there is a lot of room for improvement with this piece. The design kicks butt, but there are a number of flaws.
 I should have cut the Pellon closer around the square focal, the stitching shows too much, and it's a bit uneven. ( That's why it's a bit more Art Nouveau then Deco! )
On this picture there is some gunk showing on the side, which happens to be Fireline zapped with the thread burner, but I should have been more careful. Anyhow, this one is for me, and I used my 24 karat plated
 size 15 Miyukis for it, and I am happy with the way it came out, and I will prance around wearing this piece like a prize winning pony. It pleases me, but next time I measure things better when making geometric designs.
Then here is an oldie but goodie. This one is made with those awesome metal seed beads distributed by the Beadsmith. Cost and arm and a leg ( I got those for free, thank you Beadmsith), but boy, they are amazing.This piece has a happy home, and out of all things I made I miss it most. It's so big and blingy and textural. 
Here is a the "Not so Modern" piece laid out.
And here is why I think it's a bit like a Klimt painting. All the lush gold and stones remind me of this picture. Hopefully , one of these days I will have enough time to make the necklace in this picture. This is Judith with the head of Holofernes. One of my favorite paintings ever.A neck piece like this would be extremely unwearable, uncomfortable and stupendously extravagant and splendid in every way.
It's on my list of things to do.....


  1. Hi Kinga, Your bracelet does have an Art Deco feel to it and I can see how it reminds you of Klimt. I love The Kiss by Klimt, beautiful colours and composition.
    I am most grateful for the link to my blog, and I am still unsure what Modern Contemporary is. Glad I asked the question and was inspiring for you.

  2. Hi Kinga,
    Beautiful bracelets and cuffs. I love the abstracted Modern one.

  3. Az ezüst színű kari nagyon a Te formád,stílusod,azt akkor is felismertem volna ha ne tudom,hogy a Tied! De a mértani alakzatok teljesen új ,már megcsodáltam a facebookon. Nagyon tetszik:-)

  4. Ecxellent pieces of jewelry - in form, style of beads and components, and color choice!
    Best greetings from Lower-Austria:

  5. Klimt-like.... now I know why I fell it love with it instantly and deeply and heavily!! ;-))
    Yes! do more of that! if anybody does - you can!!

  6. Kinga, komolyan mondom, nem találom a szavakat, ahogy a gyönyörű munkáidat nézem! Csodálatos, hogy ilyen ékszereket alkotsz,s persze az ékszerek is varázslatosan szépek, igazi műalkotások!

  7. I love your work with or without eyeballs!