Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On writers' block and the importance of pictures

Just in case this blog has any readers left I have managed to not alienate by not updating it, let me tell you that I mean to blog more often, except, for the last couple of months, I feel like I have developed a serious case of constipation of the the writing skills.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there, not to mention wonderful articles and books, with chatty, knowledgeable writers who are a bliss to read, then there is me, and here is what I do:
I get home from work semi-exhausted and manage to put in a couple hours at night beading, and then my day off comes and I manage to squeeze in a day of beady work, only to realize, that my energy has been used up, and I already said everything I needed to say with beads.

And then sometimes I don't even manage that much.

And of course there are times when due to taking commissions for things I have done before, I end up making the same thing over and over again, which is very therapeutic, but not entirely blog worthy.

Well, let's just say that sometimes I run out of steam..

But I managed to have one interesting idea in the last couple of weeks.I was contemplating the nature of true art, the kind that changed history. Artists without whom the world would not be the same. How they changed the way I see things, and how it all connects to me on a personal level.
How could I combine my love of art with my beading?

This lead to an experiment, that will be an ongoing thing for me I think.
The purpose of this experiment is to combine well known works of art with my jewelry and my perspective. And of course paying homage to my favorite artists by blatant emulation of their work.

Don't worry fellow beaders, I am not here to steal your designs, as a matter of fact I will just keep doing what I do regardless of what everyone else does, this is a bit different.
Well, let me show you...
 Here we have El Greco's Mary Magdelene in penitence from 1577. He was truly a painter who was way ahead of his time.
Then we have my friend Jean on our break behind the store we work at wearing my bracelet.
A modern Magdelene.
 Here is Vermeer's " The girl with a pearl earring.A picture everyone knows.
Here is my friend Marketa, "The girl with a fishie earring".

Needless to say both of these efforts are low budget, fun projects, but this is such a great little  game, I am going to pursue it for the heck of it.

Also, as I am turning 33 in two days, my dear husband gave me a most wonderful gift by  paying for a class at a local school. I am going to learn how to properly use photoshop!
Now I have my somewhat fancy camera, and thank god for Picasa, but there is a whole lot I need to learn, and this is going to be so amazing.

One thing I learned by having my new camera and experimenting with it, is that you got to have fun or it really becomes a chore. It turns out that I really enjoy taking pictures of my friends posing with my jewelry.
Now mind you ,there are hundreds of jewelry artists with professional fashion photos out there, and I am not one. But I thought I would share my best efforts with my two models I introduced .
Here we go...
Let me know what you think.


  1. You are doing a great job of it. I like the idea of recreating the old with the contemporary. Well done!!

  2. Happy birthday.

    I read from a famous blogger once that most people come to her blog to see her pictures. I follow so many blogs and often in a language that is not my own that I understand how she concluded that pictures were the draw. I myself am wordy.

    The pictures are a good idea. In your exploration, please don't forget to give us closeups of the beadwork- my old eyes cannot make out as much detail as I would like. (I did click on the pictures to see more detail.)

  3. I love your combination of art and beading, such a cleaver and fresh idea.

  4. Kinga, I always enjoy your posts, no matter how far apart you space them! I like that you speak through your beadwork. Your pieces are amazing, especially your fishies and other creatures, and even if you just posted those without a single word, I'd keep coming back to drool over them.

    (Also, I'm sorry I missed your birthday! I almost forgot my own last year. I wish I were kidding!)

  5. I love your new approach to photography and your "art" shots are fantastic. I am almost a month late in finding this post, because I myself have not been a good blogger recently and so, not aware of my friends posts. You are totally right. It has to be fun and rewarding, or why would be do it? Best of luck with your class. That Paul guy is a keeper!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Kinga! Do you remember me, your friend from Pedestrian Shops? I will be reading from my new novel at the Boulder Bookstore April 4 at 7:30. It would be so nice to see you there!