Saturday, April 6, 2013

Battle of the Beadsmith 2013 and such

It is that time of the year again! Time to strap on the sword, throwing stars, practice the nunchucku ( bead ) skills, because the battle is upon us once again.
For those of you who don't remember, it is the Battle of the Beadsmith. It started with over 80 of the craftiest beady minds set against one another by the beady master mind Steven Weiss, creative hotpot of the Beadsmith company.
We have twice as many contestants this year, but the idea remains the same: you make the most kickass piece of jewelry you can possibly make in two months, take the best, most creative pictures and hope that you win battle by battle.
If you win the first round, there are half as many people left, and you move onto the next round and get paired up with someone else.And it goes on like that till there is a winner. Some of it is luck, some of it is a whole lot of hard work in creating your very best, taking the best possible pictures of it and trying not to chew your nails off.
But life is such. You take chances, and if you indeed do your very very best, there is nothing to regret, right?

Well, that's my take on it anyways. 
If you are on Facebook, check out the Battle of the Beadsmith. It truly is a feast for the eyes.
Of course I won't be allowed to share what I am making, but I thought it would be fair to share an intsy wintsy sneaky peaky with you.
But first, let's take a look at my entry from last year.
This necklace was called Fishies and it was deeply inspired by Samantha Regina's fishing habit.Although normally Herself fishes for sunfish only( not goldfish) without much success. But here is the inspiration.
Anyhow. That was last year. I am very happy with the outcome of last year's battle, but this is a new year and so I have to produce something at least equally awesome.
This year's entry will have two eyeballs. And it's only fair that I give you a sneaky peaky of at least one of the two.
It's going to be gloriously and  painfully weird.
And this year's entry is inspired by H P Lovecraft and it will have fringe. I cringe at fringe usually, but this will be fringy alienish and wonderful.
"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"


  1. Looking good already! I love your work, and have been inspired in my turn by something further down the food chain for my piece....but I shall say no more!

  2. I just love your spirit of fantasy and play and the way it shines through your work. Can't wait!

  3. I just know it going to be fantastic!

  4. So looking forward to see your piece, fringe or not. When you use it, it will be fabulous.

  5. I cringe at fringe too, but yours will be fabulous!!

  6. Those eyes are mystical! I cannot wait...

  7. Kinga, I'm so excited about your latest Battle piece!!! It's beginning to look a lot like fishmen. ;)

  8. Oooh, I am intrigued! Your piece looks fantastic already... :D Wow...just WOW!

  9. It's a gorgeous eye,and I cannot wait to see what goes with it!

  10. Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! LOL I'm sure it'll be awesome as all your works!