Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The beauty of working with beads and creating jewelry with them, is that unlike with paintings, You can touch them, hold them in your hands, feel them against you skin.

It's not only a visual , but a tactile experience as well, art for you fingers not only your eyes.

So it is the best part of bead embroidery that you can create your own landscapes, dream up a new world.
With a bunch of beads, that are nothing, but themselves, teeny little entities, You can create a new universe, a disorderly order, if you please, out of chaos.

A world that has not existed before, where you are the creator, calling things into being as you wish, where every stitch is a new creation myth unwinding.

I always wanted to make things that don't exist in this world yet, that might be a window between our world and something different, something enchanted.

I think I am an escapist. Not in a bad way though. The balance is in being grounded in this world to dream of an other one....

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  1. I love all you make! Especially the coral bracelet! THough I sooooo love everything you make!