Monday, May 9, 2011

Guess what time it is?

Well, of course it's Etsy Beadweavers challenge time.
Time to vote again ladies and gentleman.
The winner now is decided by an in house voting, but a public voting is still taking place at the team blog, where I am the last entry, number 31.
But please, vote for whoever you think is the best this month.
My personal favorite this month is the Balrog piece by my friend Marsha Wiest-Hines, you simply must check it out right here on her blog. It's all embers and ashes, a fiery infernal beauty so gorgeous it makes me want to weep.
My other favorite is my friend Sharayah Sheldon's Dead Marshes, because it truly captures the feel of those dead marshes, eerie with the lights of dead, elves , men lost in war floating just under the surfaces of the water. Incredibly moody and wonderful.
Then my other favorite is Rosita Pisarchick's Edoras piece, which also does a wonderful job on representing her chosen theme, the imagery of Edoras. A warrior's pectoral necklace, how unusal and beautiful!

As for my humble piece, it's an ent necklace that was made by men, not by ents, representing ents and entwives too. (The ent is in the middle, the Greenman figure, but it's surrounded by entwifely order , almost as if it was in the garden of the entwives, rather then in the wilderness of the woods.)

This piece was a blast to make. I hope you'll enjoy looking at it.


  1. Your piece is awesome, and I am amazed at how quickly your managed to produce it. So glad you did! You seem a true fan of the books, and it would have been sad to miss out on this inspiring opportunity. I really appreciate your vote of confidence in my Balrog. Like you, I had a great time making it. Some things are just a reward in themselves!

  2. I love this gorgeous necklace, Kinga! And I also really enjoyed reading about it here and in your listing. I only know LOTR from the movies, and so I learned a lot more about the fabulous Ent creatures from you. Thanks for sharing the story and your amazing talent in these pictures!

  3. KInga, I love your Ent neck piece, it is a work of art along with your other 3 favorites. Marsha's Balroc is gorgeous

  4. Wonderful works, the colors, shapes and techniques are excellent.
    Eva Maria

  5. Thank You all so much for taking the time and checking my new piece out and the leaving me such nice comments. Thank you Ladies.:))

  6. i love your piece the colors stand out so well against the man in the middle, i mean the greenman ,lol, great job!

  7. This neck piece is totally awesome and outstanding. I love all the artistic references to the Green man.


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