Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Challenge entry, Honey ,here we go!

Another month, another challenge.This one was about how to heal the world, and the problems that we face on a global level.
So I thought honeybees. With the colony collapse disorder, their disappearance is a major issue.
Sweet little insects, so important to life as we know it...
So here we go, a honey bee necklace dedicated to busy little bees all across the world. For their lightness, movement(*shout out to Marsha*) the sweet substance they produce to feed and heal us.
Notice the cubic zirconium drops, that are like drops of honey, and the topaz Swarovski stones in the center of the bead embroidered semi circles (*shout out to Lisa*)looking like honeycombs?
I really like this one. Makes me very happy. I just wanted something different, something that I haven't seen in any magazine or book. Did it work, I wonder?
Let me know ladies.
Then here is the picture of the day for you. Happy Sammy rolling around in the grass celebrating another perfect day.
And finally here is a happy picture of mommy and baby, baby of course wearing the honeybee necklace. Isn't she the loveliest?


  1. Hi Kinga, I'm so glad you stopped by! I'd love to exchange our recipe traditions with you. Your jewelry is awesome!

  2. Hey there!!! Thanks for following my tree of life blog... I do admire your work, it's something I've been wanting to do but haven't gotten around to it. I used to look into how to make this kind of beading but it looks so time consuming and difficult and I just never gave it a try... maybe someday I'll get into that. I have lots of ideas too for centerpieces on necklaces too! My creative work area can get a little bit chaotic -it's like I don't have enough space! I wish I had my own craft room! I love how you use your pet as a model -it's awesome!!! I wish I could do that but we're not allowed pets where I live. Good luck to you!

  3. Wonderful color, texture, and movement. Happy Weekend,
    Eva Maria

  4. That is BEAUTIFUL!!! and what a great choice on for the theme. Well done!

  5. Amazing necklace! And wow, what a cute pup! *pets*

    Btw, thanks for joining my blog hop! :D

  6. It's lovely Kinga. I love that you considered the shape so beautifully in your design work and my favorite part is the drips of honey. the faceting on the honey crystals really calls to mind comb. Great job!

  7. I love this necklace, Kinga! All the elements flow together so beautifully - just like honey!The honeycomb appearance in the crystal is the perfect touch.