Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More interesting new stuff , fruits of a week's work.

Here we have two of the most excellent cuffs I have ever designed. I feel like I am getting a hang of composition as time goes by, not that they are perfect or close to it, but to me, it feels like I am conquering design with some of my new pieces.

I used to just improvise cuffs, and that yielded to some good results, and to some serious duds.

I feel like ever since I actually started planning things out just a bit, my designs have a better flow to them.

The black and red one is called the Dark Queen, and it has a very powerful sort of feel to it, very seductive, very elegant, the kind of thing that makes you feel sexy...
Features black onyx , Swarovski crystal and coral cabochons.
Think of Femme Fatale, dark as night, sweet as sin!

And then we have the antithesis of course, it wouldn't be me unless I explored the opposite side of things with the same vengeance.
The other piece is about ephemeral light and goodness and playing in the sun and such.

It features a lovely raku cabochon in the shape of a medallion of the Madonna. A religious relic, if you please, bringer of hope and symbol of love. Or a fertility symbol for others, never the less, light and sweet and just as powerful as the dark cuff.
The lovely Madonna is the work of Wondrousstrange
maker of the truly marvelous raku cabs I have been using lately.
There is no light without dark, no white without black and that's where I leave it at.


  1. Wow girl your talent never ceases to amaze me!
    I would wear either one of those cuffs anyday/night of the week. I just got Sherri Sarafini's Bead Embroidery book and as soon as I get the projects I'm working on done I'm going to do a bead embroidery project, I'm so excited.

  2. They are both beautiful....great mood enhancers!!! The raku Madonna really turned out fabulous!!

    There is no light without dark!!!

  3. Congratulation, two further embroderied bracelets with breath taking designs and colors!
    With best greetings:

  4. What fabulous work! I love reading how your work taps into opposites.

  5. Gorgeous designs, Kinga! I'm further amazed that you were able to complete them in a week! Impressive work, indeed.


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