Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh where, oh where have I been?...

Honey bee stamps from the museum at Honey Acres
Yes. A real camel from Wisconsin. I wonder if it can be milked....
The live hive action at Honey Acres. Neatest invention ever: You can see what the bees up to because there is a window to their hive. I love bees, I want my own bee farm one day...
With all the buzzing, the busy little bees keep the place warm.

I was in Wisconsin, visiting my best friend Sharayah, proud owner of 4uidzne on Etsy!

I have never been to Wisconsin before, and I did not know what to expect except for cheese. Yet I was unprepared for the variety, quantity and quality that exists of this most noble substance. No wonder I keep on failing being a vegan, I tell you, life without cheese is hard:)))

Since both Sharayah and I are extremely interested in how things are made, we went on a manufacturing tour, and visited the Harley Davidson factory, to get inspired for the challenge I am running here, remember, you have more then a month left, it ends in October , on the 10th.

I wanted to empathize, that this challenge is very unique, because Harley fans drop a lot of money on accessorizing, and they are great connoisseurs of Harley related art, and this is a wonderful opportunity to make something that has a good chance of selling.
So bead away ladies:)))

We also went to a honey farm called Honey Acres, a chocolate factory called Confections by Joel, to the Sprecher Brewery , a cheese factory and visited the Jewelry Machenic, World's best family owned jewelry store ever ,that features Sharayah's bead embroidered jewelry. More on that later, this topic alone deserves it's own post.


  1. Looks like you had a great visit. It is always nice to see new places and visit friends.

  2. Even though I was the "host", planning the adventures raised my level of anticipation of my dear "sister". I felt as though I was on a vacation myself, viewing some sites for the first time.

    Kinga, you are an honorary "Cheese head" of the top titles to Wisconsinites :)