Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seasons, Pearls And The Canine Philosopher

 Paul left his book after his nap yesterday on the bed, and Sammy fell asleep next to it. I just wanted to take a picture of the two together, when she suddenly awoke and gave me this look, that was very much like as if she just put Hegel down to look up at me for interrupting her reading pleasure. I thought it was super cute.
 This was my undertaking for the week: to complete another season. There are things here I like, the colors came together really nicely, the textures are great, and I wanted to achieve an effect when you look at this piece from afar and close to look really different. Like an impressionist painting.
 I think all that happened. Look at it closely, and it's an almost geometric pattern of chaos.
 Look at it afar, and it adds up into a landscape. What I also discovered with these cuffs, is that while I do have a specific place in mind, (one back in the woods surrounding the town I grew up) when I make them, people have different places in mind, probably other woodland scenes that remind them of happy times in their lives.
It's almost like a Rorschach test.It let's your mind make it into your happy place.
Now the part I don't like is that I did not leave leafs on the trees. So there will be more fall cuffs. This is therefore late fall ,and there will be an early fall. There might be other varieties of fall as well , it is my favorite season after all....
 Here is the outcome of a brainstorming session today. How can I make bead embroidery light, accessible, fun and wearable for people who might not like my other stuff? Think of this as Kinga Light.
Like Coors Light sans alcohol.
 What if the background is just as important as the foreground?  I just used super soft sheepskin, pearls is different sizes and shapes, an organic pattern of metal seed beads (contribution of the Beadsmith company)to tie it all together, and ta-daa, there it was.
I am liking this quite a bit. I think I will work on this idea a bit more in the upcoming weeks.


  1. Wow! Your seasons cuff is amazing. Love what you did with this color palette - your cuff is both calming AND full of energy! And the Kinga Light is masterful in its simplicity.

  2. Kinga I love both your bracelets!! The "Kinga light" one is stunning!! :)

  3. Hi Kinga,
    I love your work whether it is very involved with beads like the Autumn cuff or sleek and elegant like your Kinga Lite bracelet. Sammy is just fooling you, she really was reading the book. She just wanted you to think she was taking a nap. LOL!

  4. Your dog is marvellous and your cuff wonderful!

  5. What beautiful pieces! They're so different from each other, but both so elegant.

    Starting tomorrow and ending Sunday, I'll be doing an at-home creative retreat where I experiment with some beady projects. Maybe you'd like to play along? If so, awesome! And if not, I understand -- it's a busy time for a lot of people. :)

  6. Sammy is such a sweetie! I LOVE your new bracelet! I had to gawk at your photos first, before reading, and I instantly saw trees—spring trees in bloom in a forest still blanketed with vivid autumn leaves... I know... I'm a bit of a tree nut!! :-) Your new Kinga Light is fabulous too!

  7. This new season cuff has a wonderful Impressionist quality I just love. You are right. Up close it is texture. Dots and bumps, but distance brings it into clear focus. And I love the newest of yoru creations as well. The simplicity is just elegance defined. Still your trademark texture, but understated. Has a fractal feeling. Well done Kinga!!!


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