Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rattlesnakes and Predators...

 Paul, Sammy and I went hiking yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day, and this rattlesnake must have thought so too, as he was sunbathing right in the middle of the trail. I am glad we did not step on him. Got to take some nice pictures though, and I poked him too, just to see if it really does rattle. It did. No worries, I was far enough, and no one got hurt. Snake is ok too.
 Here  are some more serene pictures. Sammy taking a well deserved brake in a little swimming hole.
Then a close up of a fern. Not sure what kind, but I loved the textures. It's nice to have this new camera, there is so much to experiment with. I am still far from understanding much about it, but I learn every day.
Here is a picture of Paul with lilacs. I really liked the angle here, and the colors are really vivid too. 

 And finally, I give you Lemon Drop Predator.
The focal is an ox bone carving in the shape of the movie monster, the Predator.
It was my Christmas present ( I asked for it, in case you were wondering), and I wanted to make a cuff with it, for myself.
 Since this piece only has to please me, I thought I would let my macabre sense of beauty loose, and indulge in as many glass eyes as I can fit. The pearls have an interesting quality to them on this piece, because they are all different sizes, so they kind of look like eggs.
I wanted the main color scheme to be bone white, grey and yellow. I think the yellow rivolis add a playful element to the demure Predator.
I decided a while back that once in a while I make a piece for me too, something that I enjoy wearing.
This is definitely  going to be a fun piece to show off.


  1. Kinga, what a beaut of a snake, although I am glad that the most poisoness creature we have in the UK is an Adder, and even those aren't very poisoness. Love the cuff, It's nice to make things for yourself sometimes, I enjoy it on a regular basis :-)

  2. Kinga I love the photographs! What a great thing to have a new camera to play with and to be getting such great results! And I also love the new predator cuff. You chose the perfect colors to use. That yellow is the fear of prey embodied, or maybe the predator marking his territory. It's just a little creepy, just a little scary, just BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Awesome photos, love that fern!! And I think I probably would have poked the rattler too...after all, what good is seeing one if you don't get to hear the rattle? :)

  4. Hi Kinga,
    You are much braver than I young Lady. I have come very close to a 6 ft timber rattle snake and I tell you I was instantly sick in my stomach. It was a good think it was focused on my cat (the cat was unharmed I can not say the same for the snake) I love your cuff it is so unusual, but beautiful. I like that movie. Oh and your camera takes wonderful pictures.

  5. Another unique and super cuff. Love the shape and colorway :)
    -Eva Maria