Monday, December 5, 2011

New Bracelets, Another Baggie

Here is the outcome of a busy two weeks. Technically, the baggie has been sitting around for a while, I just didn't take pictures of it till now, but the bracelets are spanking new. If I only didn't have to work as much as I do, imagine how much more I could work on things like these...
Van Gogh painted a picture a day. I wonder what would that equal to in bead embroidery. If only there was an equation from paint stroke to stitches, I could set some unrealistic expectations for myself.
Anyhow... This is Very Purple.
I am running out of creative names for bracelets, I guess. She (no question that this bracelet is a girl, so SHE) is a very frilly golden purpley , three part Arabian Nights like, funky pretty thing, as asymmetrical as any bracelet can get, when it comes to patterns.
She is centered around an ammonite cabochon, almost as if she was contemplating her epicenter, her belly button, the beginning of beginnings, deep in thought.
Segmented bracelet designs are not the easiest to bring to life, because they don't always want to lay right. It's a challenge every time, but I think I pulled it off.
The components of the two sides contain pretty much the same assortment of beads, but because of the position of the long pearls, one side appears to be shorter. I can assure you it's the same length, but consider this bracelet as something of an optical illusion.
Well, it was fun making her.

But not as much fun as this loveliness!
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you The Darkness Within.
The Darkness Within is my own. My Prrrrecioussssss!
(Gollum, Gollum!)
Yes, a tribute to my dark side.
Recently I have been thinking about how I usually end up selling all the things I make except for some early duds that aren't on par with my newer work.
What a shame, right? I wanted to make something that only has to please me , and no one else, but me.
Something that I can wear till it falls apart. (That's going to be a really long time. God Bless Fire Line!)
Something that speaks to me.
Eyeballs came to mind instantly. Taxidermy eyeballs. I believe that this one was meant for a much less fortunate dead bass.
The very substantial cabochon is a bumble bee jasper. Comes from Indonesia, and found nowhere else.It's patterns are captivating with the vivid sulfur oranges and yellows.
It's not exactly a jasper, because it's softer and it's rather hard to track down.
But boy, it's worth it! It's my new favorite stone.
So I have been sleeping with my new bracelet on.
But since I have more of this lovely stone, count on similar things appearing here and at my Etsy store soon.


  1. Kinga, you truly amaze me with every creation you make. I wish I could walk around in your mind and see first hand all of the fascinating ideas going on in there. The little baggie is very pretty I like the simplicity of the design. Very purple is gorgeous I love it. The Darkness Within I'm speechless and I can understand why you will not let that one go.

  2. Classy, elegant pieces. Love how you used the biwi pearls.

  3. Hello dear Kinga,
    thank you very much for your birthday wishes!
    Just as you like to visit my blog, I do that with yours. There is always a feast for me, to see your new stuff. Your two bracelets have become incredibly beautiful. How do you handle with precious stones and beads with the right colors, is just wonderful and very inspiring to me. I wish you a relaxing holiday season, with a hug:

  4. Lovely new work, as always, Kinga! These are gorgeous pieces!

  5. Your beadwork is amazing! I love The Darkness Within! The bumble bee jasper is totally gorgeous. I love its color and markings!

  6. I love the little bag and the cuffs are stunning!!!