Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Solitude bracelet

In many ways this bracelet is autobiographical. There was a winter a long time ago, when my family fell apart, and since I was the oldest child in the family, a teen at the time, I had to gather and chop firewood, so we wouldn't freeze .
You might think that was horrible, but it really isn't so.

I ended up spending a lot of time in the woods that winter, and there was a particular grove that I walked by a lot, one this bracelet is modeled after.

In the summer this small grove had a semi permanent miniature pond at it's feet, full of frogs and birds and life, and in the winter it froze up. The trees were standing there ,so exposed ,so dark, and at their feet all their summer garb froze into ice, one with the water and rocks... The background for the scenery was Central Europe's largest highland, covered in the thick winter coat of fog, impenetrable, beautiful, all accepting, like a blanket that covered my world.

Just like my solitary winter world, this bracelet only has three colors: black white and gray. One might argue, that white includes all the colors, black is the absence of them, and gray doesn't even exist, but really, that's all there is.

The texture however, gives a lot more to talk about. I used about 20-30 different kind of beads to create a pattern that matches the theme, a pattern that to me, gives back the feel of the icy peaceful solitude. Almost as if I broke the image down into it's components and put it back together and it's translated into how I see the world. Just random shapes that add up to a pleasing whole...

See, winter wonderland can be just serene, peace comes from where you find it....


  1. I saw your cuff on Etsy before I read this post and immediately hearted it. It is just gorgeous and I love your beautiful story behind.

  2. Kinga, I have fallen in love with your beautiful wintery cuff. I enjoyed learning about where the idea for the cuff came from. I lived in Germany when I was a girl (my Dad was in the Air Force) and your cuff reminds me of the woods across from our appartment. I spent hours playing in those woods. In the winter I would look out of my bedroom window at the woods while it was snowing, such a beautiful sight it was. Thank you for sharing and causing the childhood memory to come back to me.
    Merry Christmas Kinga to you, your husband,Sammy, and the kitties.

  3. Meseszep.Fantasztikusan elegans , egyeni szepseg

  4. I hardly think that chopping wood to stay warm is horrible. People in rural communities do it as the norm.

  5. Kinga it is so beautiful! Great texture, beautiful imagery and just... graphic glory. Congratulations on a glorious result!!!

  6. Dear Anonymous. There is nothing wrong with chopping wood. There might be something wrong with it, when you have to chop firewood for your whole family when you are 15, so you don't freeze.

  7. Thank You All for Your comments! Therese, I am glad the bracelet reminded you of your childhood.

  8. Also Dear Anonymous, let's ask those rural kids who have to march out to the woods, cut down trees, bring them home, chop them up and make fire for their cold siblings and mother if they find their conditions particularly pleasing.

    Just because there are things one must do to stay alive, that does not make it the norm by my standards.

  9. Beautiful bracelet and I enjoyed reading the story behind it too.

  10. It´s interesting how you tell from your life and how you draw from your experiences your inspiration for your handmade jewelry. When I saw your art works for the first time, I felt, they was create by a special person.
    Your pieces have positive charisma and goes over to the viewer.
    The cuff is indredibly beautiful, with its texture and the many types of beads.
    Dear Kinga, I wish you relaxed holidays and good luck, especially health, for the coming year. Good creative ideas for 2012 you have enough, I´m sure.