Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snow White Cuff

         Butters in the drawer where I keep my jewelry. Sitting on top of my Preciouses....

Here is something I just finished: Snow White. Another bracelet. I have been only making bracelets for a while, but it's what I feel like doing at the moment....

Yesterday I went to my favorite bead store, Arvada Bead Connection , and I got the little red beads that I used for the brick stitch (on the edges of the cuff, all around) from my friend BJ there. That was a present from him, and he told me the color of them reminded him of ruby slippers. They have a wonderful shimmer to them, a little bit like a candy cane. The sizes are a little uneven, but I just love the way they look. Can't  wait to show this piece to BJ. The little red bicones and white hexes came from his store too.  Best bead store ever!

The milky white resin flowers are a new addition to my bead stash. I have other colors too, and they are fun to use. I initially planned to use them  in the Winter Solitude bracelet , but they were too big for that. They                          worked just fine with this piece.
                Her skin was white as snow, her lips were red as blood and her hair black like ebony...


  1. Kinga, Your Snow White cuff is beautiful!

  2. Nagyon tetszik, csodálatos a karkötőd!!! A pirostól pedig még különlegesebbé válik, gratulálok!!!

  3. Snow White was beautiful! Getting the wicked stepmother as well? :-))

  4. This is lovely Kinga. I've got those flowers too, they make an appearance on the collar i'm currently working on, they are a great embellishment.
    Oh and Naughty Kitty ha ha!!

  5. So very beautiful! A lovely companion piece to your Winter Solitude cuff. Just love it, especially the side view. Love the red lining too!

  6. Love your Snow White cuff, Kinga! The red lining is inspired - really makes it all magical!
    (Butters has a very posh bed, indeed!)

  7. Gorgeous cuff! I find white really difficult to work with most of the time, but it looks fabulous in this piece.