Thursday, April 14, 2011

Incarnadine Wonder Cuff

I confess: I do not like pink. But I am branching out, ok? I checked with many ladies out there, and it seems like everyone loves pink. So I will be accommodating, and there will be more pink things coming. (That doesn't mean that I will stop making foreboding dark things that often feature eyeballs, or just look like they are meant to be worn by the Three Fates. Not at all, just in case you worried. I will also not give up on having my canine super star model my jewelry. This one was simply too big for the precious paws.)
So here we go. Lovely pink. What comes to mind ?
Pink panther.
This shade of pink, the pink of the pearls is very.... hmm... flashy to me. Also fleshy. In an almost erotic way.

So there you have it: The Incarnadine Wonder Cuff.
Incarnadine is one of Bertrand Russel's twenty favorite words. It means having pinkish color of flesh.According to Clifford Pickover ,who is one of my favorite writers, a fan asked him his twenty favorite words back in 1958. (The other 19 are:wind, heath, golden, begrime, pilgrim, apocalyptic, ineluctable, terraqueous, inspissated, quagmire, diapason, alabaster, fulminate, astrolabe, chorasmean, sublunary, alembic, chrysoprase, ecstasy.)
According to Pickover we can compute an OI, (obscurity index) that tells us the degree to which a person tends to choose words not commonly used by English speakers. When he computes this OI, he just counts the words his spell checker can't find , and divide this number by the number of words on the list.So Bertrand Russel's OI is 0.25. For those who are interested in such, I suggest Pickover's excellent book:Sex, Drugs, Einstein and Elves.

Tickles my brain incarnadine every time.

To me, these words conjure some wonderful images. They have shapes and tastes and volume and other wonderful qualities. Sublunary( relating to the terrestrial world) and incarnadine are particularly beautiful. I would have to think about my favorite 20, but one I really enjoy is antediluvian .

If you are in love with words too, check out
It's a wonderful way to waste some time while expanding one's vocabulary and donating free rice. For every word you get right, they donate some rice for you to people in need.

If you have favorite words, you could leave it in the comments. I promise I actually will read the comments this time.


  1. I love this cuff and especially the use of color! My mother's name, Nadine, is in the title word. Now I have to go and look up the meaning of her name, since I know what the title of your piece means!

  2. This looks positively regal and, dare I say it, a little bit sexy for some reason. Not sure what it is.... maybe the color and texture.... and the sparkle.. yeah, sexy sparkle. Glad you branched out beyond your distaste for pink. You done good. ;))

  3. Thank You Ladies! I appreciate your comments.Marsha: It looks like Nadine has multiple meanings, like hopeful in French and having bear-like courage in German.
    Lisa: regal? Awesome, I like that. See after all, pink is pretty cool. I am learning to like it.

  4. I love it :)And the name is fantastic! Thanks for your suggestion on naming my bracelet - definitely on my favorites list :D Check back tomorrow for the final name! I'll also have a giveaway going up on my blog (not related) sometime in the next few hours :)