Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another challenge, this post is a bit late

Guess what: One of these picture does no feature my new creation for the Etsy Beadweavers Team April challenge, theme being "Spring around the corner".
Can You find it?
Oh yes. It is indeed Anakh SuNamoon sleeping in a mini brown bag. If only my new purse was big enough, she would be taking a nap in it. With a whopping 5lbs, the world's tiniest Persian kitty would fit almost any bag ,but this teeny clutch. I am tempted to to make a purse slightly bigger, just to have her be able to nap in something more suitable for such a royal feline. Although she prefers Felis Catus...

So this month didn't go by either without another challenge.
This one collided with my efforts to make myself a clutch that will match my (not so) wedding, (not so) gown.
Allow me to explain.
Sir Nichols and I have tied the knot 3 weeks ago.
In sweatpants at the court house, so we could take Samantha Regina to the dog park after.
The weather was lovely, we simply had to let the pup swim a bit.

But we are going to have a small celebration in May, however, since we are already married, it's a Not So wedding.
And since I am not going to wear white, it's a Not So gown.

The before mentioned dress is a lovely shade of gray. And so the purse is gray to match it. But it's also flowery and springy a bit, although in my hands spring turns into autumn, and the flowers into trees.
See, they are a bit more like trees then flowers. Well, I still like them . My inspiration was Klimt's landscapes. Then again, he is better with autumn too, then spring.
The voting for this at is almost over.
If you read this on the 15th, you can still go and vote for your fave. There are plenty of really really neat things to vote for this month.


  1. I was wondering where this post was and actually visited a couple days ago to see how I had missed it! This little bag is just beautiful, and although I know you meant flowers, it looks exactly like trees in my neighborhood right now, with the last of the golden leaves from fall still clinging to shiny gray branches against silver sky. Great texture and the closure is to elegant and perfect with it. Splendid!

  2. I adore this purse. The colors, the textures, the use of bead shapes, sizes and colors, etc, etc. I could go on for days. This is probably my favorite of all your pieces. ;)

    I've decided that the second photo featured (the back side of the purse) would be a great tiled background for your blog. ;)


  3. Ooooh Lisa. How would I make the background like that? I keep on forgetting , that you are THE wizard when it comes to this. Do share, please.
    Marsha, thank you. See, it's here, I was just slacking a bit. The closure on the bag was a really nice find. I like it too. I was first considering something simple, but then I did some soul searching, and I only found tendrils and curly things inside me, and so I went with what suit me (and the clutch) better...