Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Swap at the Etsy Beadweavers Team

Just like the White Rabbit himself, I am always running late.
Like with this post, for example. The spring swap takes place every year, and this was my first year to take part in it , and boy, it was so much fun.
What happens is that you get someone else's info, including their color preferences and such, and on a tight budget of ten bucks, you make them something that they will hopefully love, and in return someone else, possibly across the globe, makes something else following the same rules for you.
Isn't that neat?
You can see all the wonderful things created right at the team's blog, here:

Look at the wonderful cuff I got from Lisa Fuller, who happens to be my friend. She must have had a hard time not telling me about how she got me as her swap partner. I admire how she could keep such a secret. I just love it! She did such a wonderful job with the colors ,and the repeating pattern of stacked semi circles is so cool!
She makes amazing pieces of wearable art.
You can check out her website right here:
And while at it, don't forget to check out her blog. It rocks.

As for my part, I made a necklace for Jesse Yost, who likes purple and orange together. Guess who likes orange and purple together?
Samantha Regina Shaub Nichols does.


  1. Awww, so glad you're happy with your swap cuff, Kinga! I had a great time making it for you. And you're right... it wasn't easy NOT telling you especially when I owed you an email for like 3 weeks and told you I was busy beading for the swap. HAHA!

  2. You are a queen of secrets, Lisa. I admire You. I can keep just about any secret, except for ones regarding presents for loved ones. I confess, I am guilty of MANY early gifts and spilling secrets when it comes to surprises...