Monday, April 25, 2011

Remember about my grandmother's curtain?

I was ranting and raving about how much I loved that curtain, having spent years looking at it instead of napping quietly as I should have had.
And how it's patterns still influence everything I dabble in, and I promised to show you what I mean. Well, here are a few non beady items to show where the patterns reappear.
Here we have first a block of wood I found that made a good canvas for an autumnal mixed media experiment two years ago: Painted it ocher, pasted pressed leaves on it, put some gold leaf on as background, and drew a landscape across the whole with buildings ,only visible looking at it real close, then applied a layer of glossy polyurethane finish I used to use for murals.
What a glorious mess.

Then we have my collage, where my intention was to create a dream scape. I dream about places like this, and instead of painting it, I collected cutouts from various magazines and brochures and included my favorite obsession many times over: mushrooms. I own about 30 books on mushrooms and even molds, basically the Fifth Kingdom. I have been smitten with them since I could remember.
Anyhow, this is just one of the handful of collages of it's kind I have done, but it's my favorite. That's why it's here. Even though it's not painted, in many ways, the cutouts follow the rhythm of the pattern of the curtains to, don't they?
I also make shadow boxes, here is a good example, check it out.

Then we have this lovely little mixed media drawing thingy,of a lady who is everything that I am not. I am round and my hair is short and straight.She is all angles and tiny and and has curly long thick red hair.She has a way of appearing in my pictures,including this one.Here she is all free, jumping up in the hair, with the mythical golden forest behind her.

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  1. Wow. You can hold a paintbrush as well as a needle. Color me impressed!


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