Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cat in the box and a new bracelet

I'm not even sure what I should call this one. It's definitely very metal!
It was just an interesting experiment, I had a bunch of onyx agate cabochons I got from Ebay and wanted to bring them together in one piece. Black was an obvious choice for beads, and originally I was thinking about using red, but when I looked at the new light aqua, almost icy blue seed beads I got, I knew I wanted to put those with the black.
More blue followed and this is what came of it.

The little semi precious stone beads I had in my stash are the same shade of icy greenish blue, but I forgot what they are called. I think it's in the bible, apparently the heavenly Jerusalem is full of them, but I am not sure what they are.

Now here, Ladies and Gentleman, we have Butters in the light box. This picture explains why it's so hard for me to take pictures. Him and His Bride Anakh Sunamoon both believe that the photo apparatus is a prime nesting area and it's almost impossible to keep them out of the box.
Good thing I am not Schroedinger.


  1. Ohhh I like this very much!!! Great design

  2. Ok........at first I thought of skipping pebbles .....stone path in a stream of water....then the white & black beads reminded me of eyes. From there I quickly shifted to "chocolate", esp. b/c of the agates & the way they swirl.

    Whatever you decide on calling this beauty, it is just that...:)

    Patches, my cat does the exact same thing. And since these light boxes are so flexible, it fascinates her that much more. In no time she "owns" this spot

  3. Kinga, I really like the cuff the colors all go well with each other. That is just like cats they always think that they need to be the center of attention LOL. Butters has a beautiful face.

  4. Hello dear Kinga,
    Another unique, beautiful piece of jewelry created by you, a real eyecatcher! Butters is a very beautiful cat and that's why he wants to be photographed.
    I hope the experiment to quantum mechanics and the cat was really only a thought experiment.
    Send you best greetings:

  5. It's a gorgeous piece, Kinga. Also, kudos for making reference to both The Mummy and the thought experiment in one post. *nerd*

  6. Love the bracelet! And Butters is very handsome!

  7. Thank You so much for all the comments Ladies:))
    Tamara, only a nerd would know another one, right, Double Helix DNA Earring Lady?

    As handsome as Butters is, he is an unholy terror. Ask the handyman who couldn't get into our apartment to fix the plumbing because Butts attacked him. For real. Sitting up on his hind legs, boxing with his paws (this he learned from Sammy, a common boxer playing technique), claws all out and trying to bite him too. That's Butters Pirate Nichols for you...


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