Sunday, November 20, 2011

Evolution of a bracelet

This pattern was my first bead embroidery project back in 2006 or 2007.
The project was featured in Bead and Button, and I altered the pattern quite a bit, never the less, it came from there and I want to give credit to who deserves it, but I no longer have the magazine.( If you happen to know who's design it was, let me know please.)

* Correction: Dear Uli, from Not Without My Beads , maker of breath taking bead woven jewelry (please check her blog out, if you haven't yet, it's truly one of the most amazing beady blogs out there), left me a comment saying that the designer of the original bracelet is Laurie Marcum, and the issue of Bead and Button was from 2006.

Anyhow, take a look at the picture with the three bracelets:
The one on the left is the first piece of bead embroidered jewelry I have ever made.
It's cute, but it's a hot mess, and by now it's falling apart too. Never the less, it's close to my heart because it got me started on this amazing journey .
The other two cuffs are new, the theme re-visited. Two friends asked me to make them a bracelet just like the first one, so I got to go back to the "roots", so to speak.
Funny thing is, bead embroidery evolved so much since then.
Instead of Nymo, I used Fireline, I redesigned the pattern to be more stream lined, and used hook and eye closures instead of snaps, the back is lambskin not fabric and I stitched on Pellon instead of fabric too.

Now days I use more stones and cabs, so there is less back stitching, but there is something very meditative about doing the same stitch over and over, and I am glad I got to play around with that a bit.
See, it's like a stitched Zen garden, right?
They both came out good, and different, because I simply can not, will not do the same thing twice.
I am happy with the outcome, and it was a great exercise, and now I am happy to move on to a necklace! The Etsy Beadweavers' team challenge for December is "Arabesque". I was very happy when the theme was announced because I love the style and planned to do a few pieces with lovely geometric patterns anyways.
So there will be a necklace soon...


  1. nice bracelets! (and I quite agree, can't - WON'T - do exactly the same thing twice!!)

  2. Hello Kinga,
    you will find the tuturial for your first embrodery project in the Oct. 2006 Issue of B&B. Designer is Laurie Marcum.
    With the help of the photos you can see very well, how good you evolved your stitch technique, and what´s most important, your own way of expression. My favorite bracelet is the one in the center, with the purple stone. "They both came out good, and different, because I simply can not, will not do the same thing twice." With this phrase I completely agree with you.

  3. Nice bracelets Kinga, and I can see how very far your beading skills have come. I'm like you will not do two beading projects exactly the same, it gets to be boring and I loose interest real quick.

  4. Wow, Uli, You are good! Thank You for the info. I will post it.

  5. So agree with the can't do the same thing twice comment. I have a hard time with the second half of a necklace orthe second earring. Looking forward to seeing the new necklace!

  6. Beautiful bead embroidery! I hope to see the necklace soon.