Sunday, November 20, 2011

Evolution of a bracelet

This pattern was my first bead embroidery project back in 2006 or 2007.
The project was featured in Bead and Button, and I altered the pattern quite a bit, never the less, it came from there and I want to give credit to who deserves it, but I no longer have the magazine.( If you happen to know who's design it was, let me know please.)

* Correction: Dear Uli, from Not Without My Beads , maker of breath taking bead woven jewelry (please check her blog out, if you haven't yet, it's truly one of the most amazing beady blogs out there), left me a comment saying that the designer of the original bracelet is Laurie Marcum, and the issue of Bead and Button was from 2006.

Anyhow, take a look at the picture with the three bracelets:
The one on the left is the first piece of bead embroidered jewelry I have ever made.
It's cute, but it's a hot mess, and by now it's falling apart too. Never the less, it's close to my heart because it got me started on this amazing journey .
The other two cuffs are new, the theme re-visited. Two friends asked me to make them a bracelet just like the first one, so I got to go back to the "roots", so to speak.
Funny thing is, bead embroidery evolved so much since then.
Instead of Nymo, I used Fireline, I redesigned the pattern to be more stream lined, and used hook and eye closures instead of snaps, the back is lambskin not fabric and I stitched on Pellon instead of fabric too.

Now days I use more stones and cabs, so there is less back stitching, but there is something very meditative about doing the same stitch over and over, and I am glad I got to play around with that a bit.
See, it's like a stitched Zen garden, right?
They both came out good, and different, because I simply can not, will not do the same thing twice.
I am happy with the outcome, and it was a great exercise, and now I am happy to move on to a necklace! The Etsy Beadweavers' team challenge for December is "Arabesque". I was very happy when the theme was announced because I love the style and planned to do a few pieces with lovely geometric patterns anyways.
So there will be a necklace soon...


  1. nice bracelets! (and I quite agree, can't - WON'T - do exactly the same thing twice!!)

  2. Hello Kinga,
    you will find the tuturial for your first embrodery project in the Oct. 2006 Issue of B&B. Designer is Laurie Marcum.
    With the help of the photos you can see very well, how good you evolved your stitch technique, and what´s most important, your own way of expression. My favorite bracelet is the one in the center, with the purple stone. "They both came out good, and different, because I simply can not, will not do the same thing twice." With this phrase I completely agree with you.

  3. Nice bracelets Kinga, and I can see how very far your beading skills have come. I'm like you will not do two beading projects exactly the same, it gets to be boring and I loose interest real quick.

  4. Wow, Uli, You are good! Thank You for the info. I will post it.

  5. So agree with the can't do the same thing twice comment. I have a hard time with the second half of a necklace orthe second earring. Looking forward to seeing the new necklace!

  6. Beautiful bead embroidery! I hope to see the necklace soon.

  7. Keep on your Journey, Sweet Kinga. I see nothing but good vibes and all those great designs swirling in that pretty head of yours that will come to fruition over time. You are different from most designers in that you openly share with others. That's what makes you unique. Your openness inspires others to jump right into it. I'm a big fan! I only hope my work can even compare to your first bead embroidered piece (falling leaves and all). You are the Best!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being you.


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