Monday, November 14, 2011

Golden Marsha bracelet

My friend Marsha Wiest-Hines, maker of wonderful ballroom gowns and jewelry gave me a beautiful cabochon when I visited her this fall.

See, Paul is from Minnesota, and we go to visit his family once a year, in the fall, so when I finally had the dates for our vacation, I started pestering Marsha if I could go and visit her.

She graciously agreed , and so I got to see her , and her studio, and all her beautiful work . It was so much fun! I unfortunately forgot to take pictures, except for one where I am wearing my favorite necklace of hers, but I lost the picture. Silly me...

Anyhow, we went bead shopping, had lunch and exchanged gifts. One of the things she gave me was this wonderful big yellowish creamy colored cabochon.

It reminds me of a giant creature's scale. Most people it reminds of butterscotch candy.

I do have a vivid imagination.

I think it might be some sort of onyx, but I really am not sure.
*Update: Marsha informed me that it's a Honey Opal*

I was thinking and thinking on what to do with it, and since I was in the mood for golden things, I made the Golden Marsha bracelet.
I think Marsha will probably like these colors together.
She is very graceful and lady like and so I had her in mind while working on this piece.

The to all the Butters fans out there, here is a pic of the evil kitty in repose. He usually tries to sleep on the middle of the dog bed, so Sammy has to sleep on the floor or play fight him for it,but this time the two were so tired they shared it.


  1. Really lovely Bracelet, and wow Kitty is almost as big as Pooch, goodness!!

  2. Hello dear Kinga,
    you created the perfect frame for the cabochon.
    The shades of gold fit excactly for this amazing stone of your friend Marsha. I took a look on her blog, the style of her elegant ballroom dresses is delicate. Thank you for sharing.
    Your pets are so sweet. The two get along so well always, or only when they sleep?
    Send you best greetings:

  3. Wow, I love this bracelet! So much work....but what a great design! Love it!

  4. Uli, they get along famously! Butts only hurts handymen, postmen, guests, but he has a real soft spot for Sammy. They play a lot together. The third one of the furry triumvirate, Anakh Sunamoon , the tiny Persian kitty, bride of Butts, is much more shy. She likes to spend her days sitting on our laps or sleeping in the closet...

  5. Kinga, The Golden Marsha bracelet is gorgeous! I have always admired your bead work. It is so nice to see a dog and cat get along at least while they are sleeping.

  6. Gorgeous bracelet, Kinga! I love the soft colors and graceful flow; perfect for that beautiful cabochon. I also like your little furry buddies - they remind me of our dog and cats who used to cuddle up. We called them "The Peaceable Kingdom."