Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My new challenge- Illuminated by Candlelight

Remember my Harley Davidson challenge? And the Hardware store challenge before? Well, I have a new one for You, or me, and whoever wishes to participate :

Illuminated by Candlelight

Think of soft yellows, oranges, shadows, lights playing on the wall, on whatever.
Think of old paintings , long winter nights, good things, whatever comes to mind.

I know we will all be very busy for the next couple of months, so there should be enough time to work on this.
The deadline is going to be my birthday, January 17th.
Simply make whatever beaded jewelry, or object you feel like answers this theme, take pictures of it, email me two of them at kinganicholsATyahooDOTcom , and I will post all the entries all at once when the challenge is over, right here.

What does Sammy snuggling with Butters has to do with this?
Nothing really. I just love how well my furkids get along. See the felt flower on Sammy's sweater? I made that yesterday , when I decided that I need more hobbies that I hardly have enough time for, and purchased some felting needles, wool and a sponge to felt on.
Then it came to me that to be very good at anything one needs hundreds of ours of practice, and I rather stick with bead embroidery. But I am still thinking about combining the two.
Some way, somehow. We shall see....


  1. I'm up for the challenge Kinga, this one is really going to push me. Sammy is so cute in her sweater with the flower.

  2. I think felting and bead embroidery would be a marriage made in heaven, and will wait to see what beauty you create when you combine them, Kinga! Your little "furkids" look cozy, indeed. Great challenge theme, too!!

  3. Your baby looks adorable in his sweater!!! Stay warm and cosy!

  4. I am surely in :)I love this theme so much, so I cannot wait to make some beauty :) Thank you Kinga :)